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DAZN: How many devices can watch at the same time?

DAZN is the "Netflix of Sports", no other provider on the market offers as many hours of live sports as the streaming service.

The DAZN program: Here is an overview of all live streams

This automatically raises some important questions, including the number of devices that can be registered. Or those according to the maximum number of devices that can be viewed at the same time. We give an overview.

DAZN: How many devices at the same time?

DAZN does limit the number of devices with which you can connect to the streaming service. But a total of six different playback devices for using the complete range of programs are a hefty pound!

So you do not have to rely on one, two or three devices, but can conveniently stream your content distributed across six - whether on a smart TV, tablet, mobile phone, via the game console or a standard browser. With a little skill you can set up the access so that a device can always be used immediately anywhere in the household or when traveling.

In other words: at home via the Smart TV or console, on vacation on the tablet, when traveling on the smartphone. A suitable device can be selected for every situation and situation. Six different end devices should be sufficient for normal use. In the unusual case that you still want to change something, the desired devices can be deleted from the registration list and replaced by others.

DAZN: How many devices can watch at the same time?

It is not uncommon for important sporting events to overlap and you want to miss mine. Or simply "only" be informed about a parallel game in the Champions League, for example, on the second screen. Then the question arises of how many devices can be used at the same time.

The answer: two. It is important to know that the content or content is irrelevant, so the two possible devices can be streamed completely independently of each other.

An example: While you want to see Bayern in the Champions League, your partner would rather see the Lakers or darts. No problem, because both events can be enjoyed live and in parallel. Of the six devices mentioned, two can always be in use at the same time. If you try to register a third device, you will receive a message stating that all available streaming sources are currently in use. After that, you can only log in again if you have logged out with another active device.

How many devices at the same time at DAZN? Important additional information

It is not permitted to pass on the login data and let someone else stream DAZN with it, although up to two devices can use DAZN at the same time. Or to pursue commercial purposes with it. In the DAZN terms and conditions, it says:

  • "Point 2.4 .: The DAZN service and all related content are for personal and non-commercial purposes only. As a subscriber to the DAZN service, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right of use to access the DAZN service and view the content via video streaming. With the exception of the foregoing limited right of use, no right, property, or title is transferred to you. You are not authorized to use the DAZN service for public reproduction "
  • "Point 8.1.2.: You agree that you can only view the DAZN service via the permitted device at any time. You are obliged to keep your password secret and never disclose passwords or other access data to others or make them accessible in any other way "
  • "Point 8.1.3.: You agree that you do not copy, record or save the DAZN service, in whole or in part (unless permitted by us in the application function), redirect, share, reproduce or otherwise distribute it to other people, nor allow or enable other people, to do that"

Several devices at the same time at DAZN: How can I enjoy DAZN on the television?

A smart TV is the fastest way to enjoy a live experience. Depending on the device, you can enjoy the DAZN app via Google Chromecast, an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Sky Q. The common game consoles are also compatible with the DAZN app, as are all mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. If you prefer to look on your PC or laptop, you can do so with the desktop version via any browser. Here is a complete overview.

Mobile devicesSmart TVsGame consoles
iPhone, iPadAmazon Fire TVPlaystation 3
Android smartphones and tabletsAmazon Fire TV StickPlaystation 4, Pro
Amazon Fire TabletAndroid TVX Box One, One S.
Apple TVX Box One X
Google Chromecast
LG Smart TV, Smartcast
Panasonic Smart TV
Samsung Smart TV
Sony Smart TV
Sky Q

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