What are some online stock market simulations

Test run for trading - stock trading simulation

"It's not about the money, it's about the game!" Is only said by hardened stockbrokers like Gordon Gekko, who also have enough money to play with.

But in real life hardly anyone has a daughter whom they - like the character from the movie "Wall Street 2" - can lighten by 100 million dollars.

Stock market games are classics of stock trading simulation ...

For most small investors, it is a matter of building up wealth and keeping it for retirement, for example.

Given the current level of interest rates, a challenge and a necessity with a view to the future of state pensions. Gambling is out of place.

That is why stock market games are very popular. The savings bank group has been initiating its so-called stock market simulation game for over 30 years. However, this is primarily aimed at schoolchildren, trainees and students.

In addition, the realism is limited because a total of only 200 different securities can be traded.

Closer to the real stock trading is the stock market game that the Handelsblatt organizes together with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange once a year.

Not only is the target group less restricted here, the participants can also invest their virtual money in significantly more asset classes - and thus simulate stock trading much more realistically.

... but the online offers vary.

The disadvantage here: since the games aim to determine a winner (who also receives a price for his trading performance at the end), these simulations of stock trading are limited in time to the duration of the game. This is different with the FAZ stock market game.

It deliberately aims to introduce beginners to the basics of stock trading through simulation.

Over 50,000 stocks, funds, ETFs and warrants are traded on the basis of real stock market prices. These are updated every 15 minutes.

Every registered user can compare his approach with that of other players. And with the option of holding several securities accounts, you can also simulate different strategies, not just for stock trading.

Real-time share simulation through real-time prices

However, users who are advanced in terms of stock exchange technology complain that a lot happens on the stock exchanges - in the 15 minutes until the next price update.

This makes it difficult to reproduce the consequences of an investment decision in real time. This is only possible with so-called real-time rates. And they mostly cost money.

The exercise deposit that the SBroker platform offers to those who register free of charge under “My Sparkassen Broker” is one of the few exceptions.

There are real-time quotes from the Stuttgart and Scoach (Frankfurt) trading venues for stock trading on a trial basis.

If that's not realistic enough for you, you have to pull out your wallet. ProRealTime offers stock market software that is designed for the more savvy trader.

You can purchase a professional stock trading simulation with PaperTrading.

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