What is the best video voice changer

Video Voice Changer: How to Change Voices in Videos

Ever wanted to change your voice while shooting videos? Or just change the voices in an existing video? You are not alone. Here are some questions people asked on Yahoo Answer.

  • Is there any free software you can download that can alter your voice in audio or video that has already been recorded?
  • Hello, I am making a video. I want to change my voice: high, low, fast, slow. I want to know if you know of any software that is simple and easy to use. thanks

Now comes the solution. I recommend Wondershare Filmora X, which is a comprehensive video editing software that is much simpler than Adobe After Effects. We can show you or change the original voice in an existing video / audio. At the end, we also listed the 3 best video voice changer apps for Android and iOS for you to have a reference. If you want to edit audio using online tools, there is also an online language changer at the end of the article.

Part 1: how to change voice in video using Filmora X

Filmora X is one of the best video editing software for beginners with easy-to-use yet powerful video and audio editing tools. When exporting audio from Wondershare Filmora X, there are no watermarks or restrictions for free trial users. So you can download it and try the audio editing features for free.

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Now let's see how to add and change voice in Filmora X with a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: add voiceover or videos

With Wondershare Filmora X, you can change the voice of video / audio and recorded voiceover. You can either click "Import" in the primary windows to import video / audio files into the user's album or click the "Voiceover" button above the timeline to record your own voice. The imported video / audio files could then be added to the timeline for editing while the recorded sound automatically appears on the audio track.

Every time you double-click the added video / audio or recorded voiceover on the timeline, you open the editing window. You should see options like speed, volume, fade in, fade out, and pitch.

Step 2: changing the voice through the chaning pitch option

Both video / audio files and voiceovers on the timeline have the Pitch option. This allows you to easily change the voice of video or recorded voice overs. Just drag the little triangle button to where you want it. The value varies from -12 to 12.

Step 3: change the voice in the video by adjusting the speed (optional)

As you could see there are 4 settings for the Speed ​​option. The Video Speed ​​option takes effect on both the selected video and audio track. The Speed ​​option also works for music files and voiceovers, but only affects the sound itself.

Step 4: export changed video / audio

When you're happy with the changed voice, it's time to save the video or audio. All popular video formats and MP3 audio formats are supported. To do this, click on "Export" and select "Format". Select the format you want from the list and click the "Export" button. The file is exported to the specified folder on the computer.

Tips: Always view your video / audio in the preview windows to make sure it is the way you want it before exporting it.

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Part 2: Top 3 Video Voice Changer Apps for iPhone and Android

Besides changing language to video with the desktop software like Wondershare Filmora X video editor, you can now also try some video voice changer apps for Android and iPhone. The process is pretty simple. Try the Video Voice Changer app which allows you to change your voice throughout the video.

1. Video language changer and editor

You select a video and trim it or leave it as you like it. If you want to trim the video, it will be created and the audio will be separated from this video. The list of voice effects includes the voice of men and women of different ages and chipmunks. You can select anyone from the list of voice effects and modify the audio file. You will then be prompted to review the audio for changes or go straight to creating the video. The result is amusing and hilarious indeed.

support: Android

2. Video Voice Changer FX

Video voice changer application can bring a lot of joy to your viewers by changing your voice to the sounds of various funny creatures. It's very easy because all you have to do is record a video or select one from SD card, choose the voice effects like devils, aliens, robots, squirrels, etc. and your video is ready.

support: Android

3. DubYou

Make your friends laugh with the DubYou Video Voice Changer app. From sharing your photos with a background comment, to having your pet talking, creating echo sound to changing the entire sound of the video, you can try everything with this video voice changer and share it on social networks like Facebook, Vimeo and many others share.

support: iOS

We've also selected some of the best pitch change apps for iOS and Android, and hope that you will enjoy the pitch change in video with the best pitch change apps.

Part 3: change the video speech output with online voice changer

1. voicechanger.io

You can upload the sound from your computer or use the microphone to record your own voice. Remember that the audio file when uploading to 100MB is limited. This online voice changer offers around 50 Voice templatesYou can use including Dalek Robots, Alien Robots, Frog Robots, Ghost, and Chipmunks.

You can change the voice in the format .wav download without difficulty. Besides, voicechanger.io also lets you create a customizable voice by adding audio effects like pitch shift, phaser, speed and alien robots. It also offers a female and a male voice for you to try out if you don't want to upload your own voice file.


Above are the simple and free ways you can change voice in videos. You can do the language change using a desktop video editing software like Filmora X or the online video changer tool. Some good language change programs might not be listed above, but please let me know your favorite in the comment and let me know your choice.

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15% discount on Win15% discount on Mac

* Product and billing information will be emailed to you after purchase.