What are some facts about Instagram

Instagram 2021: Statistics, Facts, and Tips Everyone Should Know

The most important Instagram facts at a glance

Instagram belongs to Facebook and is with over 1.1 billion usersthe second strongest social network. Approx. 500 million users the platform every day and stay on the network for almost an hour. Instagram is a platform for sharing pictures and videos. The latter in particular is increasing steadily and video content is becoming more and more popular. The next exciting Instagram facts: Every day around 500 million stories are published and even 1,000 posts per second. So it is not surprising that more and more companies are active on the network to market their products and increase their awareness.

Images and videos are ideal for presenting and promoting products and brands. This can potentially reach over 1 billion users on Instagram. It's also a great way to show authenticity with spontaneous snapshots as posts or stories. The direct messages can be used for strategic communication with customers and influencers.

The best times to post on Instagram

At lunchtime from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and in the evening from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Posts posted in the evenings and on weekends get the most visibility.

The optimal image sizes for your Instagram posts

Different image sizes work on each network. The correct image format is crucial for whether your community can see all of the content on your graphic. If the edges of the image are cut off, important information can be lost. Therefore, pay attention to the correct image size.

Instagram tips for a longer life of your posts

There are a few tricks and moves to increase the lifespan of your posts and your reach. Here are 6 Instagram tips to extend the life of your posts:

  1. Use 5-10 hashtags that best describe your content. Also use current trend hashtags or current challenges if they fit your topic (30 hashtags are allowed).
  2. Publish content that encourages saving and sharing: e.g. tips, checklists, how-tos, instructions, funny and useful things.
  3. You can also use the story function to make your posts particularly visible in the first 24 hours. New stories are shown to your community first, so you have a good chance of being seen directly.
  4. Send certain posts via direct message to individual users from your community who are particularly interested in the topic.
  5. Use @Mentions to directly address specific users or influencers on the network & get shares.
  6. You can also use @Mentions in your stories.

Instagram tips for your social media seeding strategy

  1. Share your content on your profile, on your pages and in suitable groups. Use different posting texts and post on different days and at different times.
  2. Share multiple posts on the same topic, but with different visuals and texts.
  3. Repeat content that has performed well after a few months. Use a different caption and different hashtags for this.
  4. Save your stories in which you drew attention to your posts as a highlight.

Use social media automation and save valuable time for your Instagram marketing

Continuous updates are important to share important information, to reach your target groups on Instagram and to increase your reach organically. On the network you have many opportunities to reach your target groups. You have 4 effective ways to promote your posts on Instagram. You can share your content on your profile as well as in stories, reels and as Instagram TV video to increase your visibility and reach.

Set a posting frequency for your planning on Instagram and get your followers used to your content. In this way they know that they can expect a new post from you on certain days and may actively check your profile.

Simplify the planning of your posts on your Instagram accounts. An automation tool can help you to constantly fill your Instagram accounts with the latest content and save valuable time in the process. You can plan your Instagram posts in advance and automatically publish the content at the “best times”. In this way you can reach your target groups when they are active on the network and thereby increase your visibility. When your communities are active, the chance increases that they will see your posts and interact with, like, share and comment on your content. The network algorithm rates posts with interactions positively and ranks these posts better.

With a social media editorial calendar you always have an overview and can plan, change and move your posts as you wish. You can easily organize and individualize your posts and plan and automate them for all of your social media accounts in parallel.

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Samira Naumann completed her studies in German and digital media communication at RWTH Aachen University and now works as a social media and communication manager at ADENION GmbH.

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