Why is my Maytag washing machine shaking

Why do my lights flicker when my washing machine is on spin cycle

? Never assume flickering lights are normal behavior for a washing machine on spin. Vibration, connection problems, and an interrupted wash cycle can cause any lights on a disc to flicker when it spins. The good news is that all of these issues can be overcome with relatively minor changes made to your washing machine. vibration

A washing machine vibrates when it spins when it is unbalanced. Although all washing machines can vibrate, vibration can be particularly intense on a front loading washing machine that is made to spin extremely quickly to wring the laundry out of water and decrease the drying time. When a washing machine vibrates, it can bang rock against walls and floors, and its lights can flicker until the spin cycle ends. Stop the washing machine and distribute clothes in that could be clenched or bundled up. Put a level on top of the washing machine to make sure it's stable. Adjust his leveling legs; turn the screw clockwise to make one leg longer or against it shorter than necessary.
Connection problems

Make sure the washing machine's power cord isn't trapped or kinked under the washing machine. If the disc continues to spin, it may rattle and tug on the cord and pull it out of the socket. Any tractor could, in short, result in sporadic power interruptions that are enough to cause the washing machine's lights to flash. In addition, the washer uses the most electricity during spinning to turn the drum. If the cord is damaged, spinning drum power can drain onto other components, causing lights to flicker. Replace the power cord if it is twisted and bent beyond repair.
Loose wire

A loose wire in the control cabinet could explain why the lights blink when the disk is spinning. Rapid rotation of the drum can jostle an already loose cable in the plate. When the loose wire is delivering electricity, the lights will flicker as if they might make the wire shake. Contact a washing machine repair person to check wiring of the panel. Leave him loose or frayed wires that he finds to mend.
Interrupted wash cycle

A temporary pause in the wash cycle can cause the control panel to act irregular or lock up causing lights to blink. For example, if a power outage occurred in your home or you stopped the washer for some reason without resetting the wash cycle, both circumstances can attribute to an odd-looking washer, according to General Electric (GE). If water passes into the washing machine at the time of the cycle interruption, certain washers will automatically drain the water and spin, but not advance through the spin cycle. GE recommends disconnecting main power from the washing machine for at least 30 seconds. Turn the timer back on every cycle except for spin, and restore power to your washing machine. These measures should solve the problem.