Is IQS a better rating than WES

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The basis:

IQOS or GLO both work on the same principle - You just heat the tobacco. The advantages of this system are that both devices are great easy to use and are to be cleaned. Both tobacco sticks “the Heets and the Neos” have a filter and give the same feeling of a cigarette. However, there are some differences between them.GLO and IQOShave taken different approaches to this "Heat not Burn" To transform the principle into a usable device, each of you has his own advantages and disadvantages. Is the Glo a Heets Alternative?

Appearance and size:

Also the look and the size play in our test "Glo or IQOS?" a major role!

A look at a IQOS device reveals that IQOS went to great lengths to upgrade the device optically as close as possible to the shape and size of a cigarette. It's still bigger and harder, but it's definitely on the right track. IQOS has something like that Size of a small cigar and is not too difficult either. This is a huge benefit for anyone who has recently switched from smoking as it is a very familiar experience represents. However, the size of the device also has a disadvantage that The holder's battery capacity has been screwed to the lowest possible level.

The GLO is not like a cigarette, instead it has GLO provided a small “MOD-BOX”. There is no way to hold a GLO device like this like a cigarettewhich reduces familiarity a bit. On the other hand, it's still small and light enough for everyone to use comfortably. The format chosen by GLO offers a very big advantage: It there is enough space for a battery with high capacity.

In my opinion, the IQOS wins in this category.

GLO or IQOS? - Battery performance:

The performance of the battery is in our test "Glo or IQOS" very important!

IQOS has a smaller battery. After each use you have to put the device back in the charger so that it can charged between heets can be. Usually this is not a big problem because the charger has a good performanceto hold about a pack of heets. However, if, for example, you are having a good time in the pub and smoke three or four heets in quick succession , you will unfortunately be able to use the normal IQOS on one problem bump.

The GLO chose one large battery capacity. With the GLO, three Neosticks can be consumed in a row and then require a short cooldown phase. You shouldn't have a problem with the battery life from the GLO.

The winner for the performance of the battery is: GLO

Steam quality:

One of the most important points about the test "GLO or IQOS" is the steam quality!

Heard of course this point to the most important, Heat not Burn devices are designed to deliver satisfying vapor that tastes like a cigarette and deliver enough nicotine to satisfy one's cravings.

At first I had IQOS the feeling that rarely a Heet, did not fit in the holder or it was sometimes very difficult to do Heet stick to draw. When I got my hands on some Amber Heets, I was happy with the steam I got.

The I really liked the vapor quality of the GLO, I think because of the high Powerful battery also more steam is generated. The Density of vapor feels very good.

In my opinion, the GLO wins in terms of vapor quality. This is of course a pretty subjective thing.

You are welcome to test the GLO and the IQOS in our stationary shops without obligation. Our stationary shops are all in Hanover. (For inquiries here you can simply reach us by phone, you can find our contact details in the imprint)

Variety of varieties:

The variety also plays a role in our test "IQOS or GLO? " a major role!

The IQOS has a total of six different varieties on the German market:

  • Terra - full-bodied, roasted tobacco pleasure.
  • Bronze - tobacco flavor with hints of mocha and fruit.
  • Sienna - tobacco taste with a pleasant wood note and light tea aromas.
  • Teak - balanced, roasted tobacco blend with fine nut flavors.
  • Amber - stand for balanced tobacco enjoyment with a fine wood note and light nut aromas.
  • Yellow - Balanced tobacco taste and a slight herbal note.

The GLO has four different Sorts:

  • Neo Tobacco Dark - Real, intense tobacco taste.
  • Beo Tobacco Bright - Creamy and mild tobacco taste.
  • Neo Yellow Switch: There is a “click capsule” in the filter, which can be burst in the filter with light pressure, which creates a honey-sweet-citrus taste, otherwise tobacco taste with a slight teen note
  • Neo Red Switch: There is a “click capsule” in the filter, which can be burst in the filter with light pressure, which creates a sweet and fruity apple taste, otherwise tobacco taste with a light wood note.

Because of the click capsule that was otherwise no longer available in Germany, and the large selection of Heets, I would give a tie in this category.


The price / performance is in our test "IQOS or GLO?" very important!

The IQOS costs as a new customer in connection with a registration that is protected against misuse with the Schufa system, usually 15 € less.

Otherwise an IQOS costs between 69-109 €, depends a bit on the model.

The GLO costs 29 € to introduce.

The heets are included 20 pieces content 6 €.

The Neo Sticks cost with 20 pieces content 5 €

The point goes to the GLO.

GLO or IQOS? Conclusion!:

In terms of compactness and design, I think the IQOS is much better, it is mainly the consumer who decides who the real winner is.

We have activated the comments section for this post to hear your thoughts on IQOS or GLO. Please feel free to write your experience to round off this post.

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