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The Toyota phenomenon

From the reviews:

"... Toyota ... is listed in numerous reports as the 'most admired company'. Why is Toyota so successful? The author ... argues convincingly that the reason lies in the corporate culture. Consistent observance of ethical norms that are called Prussian virtues in this country is key to the company's phenomenal success. "

(in: BA Procurement Current, 2007, p. 71)

From the reviews:

"... Why is Toyota so successful? What distinguishes the Japanese company from other automobile manufacturers? What does the legendary Toyota production system ... that others don't? The author got to the bottom of these questions. He comes to the conclusion that Toyota's exceptional position in It is not better technical knowledge or management rules that have brought the group to the top, but the consistent observance of ethical principles.

(Solid as a rock, in: QZ - Quality and Reliability, 2007, Vol. 52, Issue 5, p. 18)


From the reviews:

"... Helmut Becker ... provides with his extensive book ... an important insight into thinking at Toyota. ... he ... describes some interesting aspects. Strategies, corporate culture and ethics are examined in great detail. The bottom line is that there are some remarkable things, for example how Toyota develops its executives from within its own company or how customer orientation has been continuously expanded ... "

(Learning from Toyota, in: Heilbronner Voice, Feb. 13, 2007, p. 10)


"Toyota is on the road to success. ... Deeply impressed by this fact, Helmut Becker goes into his book ... on the ethical framework of the group ... Such are the values ​​pursued within Toyota's corporate culture such as economy, diligence and striving for continuous improvement ... as well firmly anchored in German culture. A return to this could, according to Becker, give the automotive industry in Germany a new impetus and perhaps even represent a way out of the crisis ... "(in: Japanmarkt, March 2007, p. 24)


"... The author deserves the merit of closing a gap in the extensive literature on Toyota so far with his work. ... Overall, the work gives a very detailed overview of the success factors of the successful Japanese company and offers interested parties an unusual but plausible way of explaining the company's success . ... For those who want to understand Toyota's success better and more comprehensively, or who have a responsibility as a company leader, the book ... provides a lot of important information. " (Matthias Vollbracht, in: Wirtschaft und Ethik, 2007, Vol. 18, Issue 2, p. 6 f.)