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Which is the longest word in the world? We found some very long words.

Maybe you are just like me and you've heard that the longest word in English antidisestablishmentarianismreads. This word with his 28 letters refers to a movement in England in the 19th century that was established against the separation of church and state. Your name is truly a tongue twister. Happy middle school students love it because it makes one thing clear: whoever is firstthis Can pronounce a word, actually master the language.

However, there is a problem: this word is not the longest word. Nobody knows exactly where it came from, but the idea that antidisestablishmentarianism the longest word in the world is a linguistic rumor. So which oneis the longest word?

Well, that question is not an easy one to answer. After all, there are many agglutinating languages. This means that new words are created by combining other, shorter words.

The longest word in German - does that even exist?

A well-known example of this is German, which is notorious for having a word for everything. The officially longest word in German was 63 letters long and the name of a law: Beef Labeling Supervision Task Transfer Act. However, this law was repealed in 2013 and the word was deleted from the lexicons.

Since new words in German can be formed by combining existing, shorter words, they can theoretically be infinitely long. And German is not the only language in which this is done: words of unlimited length can also be formed in Finnish, Estonian and English. Hence the longest word in the world is infinitely long. Case solved.

Still want to know more? That's right, we may have made it a little too easy for ourselves with this solution. There are impressively long words, and here are a few contenders.

Which word could be the longest word in the world?

Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylalanyl ... isoleucine

You probably noticed the ellipses, and they have their reason: this word has overall 189,819 letters and is the systematic name of the chemical compound of the largest known protein, titin. Technical terms can grow to impressive lengths, but they also spoil the fun of this question.

The record in the Guiness book: निरन्तरान्धकारितदिगन्तरकन्दलदमन्दसुधारसबिन्दुसान्द्रतरघनाघनवृन्दसन्देहकरस्यन्दमानमकरन्दबिन्दुबन्धुरतरमाकन्दतरुकुलतल्पकल्पमृदुलसिकताजालजटिलमूलतलमरुवकमिलदलघुलघुलयकलितरमणीयपानीयशालिकाबालिकाकरारविन्दगलन्तिकागलदेलालवङ्गपाटलघनसारकस्तूरिकातिसौरभमेदुरलघुतरमधुरशीतलतरसलिलधारानिराकरिष्णुतदीयविमलविलोचनमयूखरेखापसारितपिपासायासपथिकलोकान्

This Sanskrit word has the honor of being listed as the longest word in the Guinness Book of Records. With 195 characters (respectively 428 characters when transliterating into the Latin script) it is more of a sentence than a word. It appeared in the book in 1970Varadāmbikā Pariṇaya Campū from Tirumalāmbā and is thus that longest word ever used in literature. The translation is also quite long:

“In it the distress of the travelers caused by thirst was alleviated by shining rays from the bright eyes of the girls; of rays that simulated the streams of light, of sweet and cold water, charged with the strong scent of cardamom, cloves, saffron, camphor and musk, flowing from the jars that held the lotus-beautiful hands of the young beauty (seated ) in the beautiful water huts, made of thick roots of vetiver mixed with marjoram (and built near) the foot, covered with a pile of soft sand, with the clusters of newly budding mango trees that constantly darkened the spaces between the residential areas, and the all the more enchanting were due to the seeping drops of the flower sap, which evoked the illusion of a row of dense rain clouds filled with plenty of nectar. "

The longest English word: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

These 45 letters long term for a disease is im Oxford English Dictionary and thus the longest English word that is defined in one of the major lexicons. This word is also rather technical, but still has its place in this list, since it is a very long word that does not only exist for the reason that it is a very long word. In fact, it is part of the normal language vocabulary, even if doctors probably use the short form P45 use.

The fantastic longest word: Supercalifragilisticexpialigetic

Speaking of long words that only exist to be long, this term comes from one Mary Poppins-Song and is world famous. Its main purpose seems to be to make the speakers sound precocious. In any case, it's a lot of fun to say this word.

The shortest longest word: nghiêng

Clearly: this is not the longest word in the world. With only seven characters but that's it longest word in Vietnamese. So that's it too shortest longest wordthat there is. One might argue thatnghiêng is a single morpheme, not a word, but Vietnamese is an isolating language. This means that new words are not created with prefixes and suffixes, but that several short words are combined to change the meaning. However, this is only true when we consider the definition of word accept any combination of characters surrounded by spaces.

As you can probably guess, the definition of a word is rather vague - and so is the definition of the longest words. Depending on how you set the criteria, the longest word also changes. There are long place names, gigantic agglutinating words in other languages, words that contain entire sentences, or other word structures that we could use in our search for the longest word in the world. Ultimately, it's a largely arbitrary decision. Isn't language strange?

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