Runs on my Lenovo laptop CS GO

Why do I only have 50-70 FPS with my AW 17?

  • Hello,

    very often I hear from people around me that they are playing at 250FPS or more. Then I activated the FPS display at CSGO out of curiosity.
    Unfortunately, I only have fluctuating FPS numbers in the range from 50 to 70, never more than 100.

    On my old office computer (AMD X2, GT 320, 4GB Ram) I have Konstanze 50-60, so it bothers me all the more that I bought an ALienware 17 with these components and only get so few FPS.
    An i7 4910mq 2.9Ghz, GTX765m, 32GB Ram is installed

    I'm playing CS GO on an external monitor (Samsung BX240, 24 "), is that a problem?
    My CSGO settings are actually very low, but I've attached a picture for you anyway.

    My guess is that something is wrong. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the matter at all, so I turn to you.
    Could it be that the game starts with the Intel graphics instead of the GTX? Or somehow a wrong attitude towards the i7 or Ram?
    Because I can't believe that the laptop really only manages a maximum of 70 FPS.

    I have attached a lot of screenshots for you, hoping to make it easier for you.

    Many Thanks
  • Your screen can only display 60 FPS. Then why should the alien calculate so many more ??
    Your buddies' screens aren't showing 250 FPS either. The best consumer monitors can display 144 FPS, but are still quite expensive and require special DP cables and graphics card connections. This is not possible with DVI and HDMI. VGA certainly not at all.
    So the number only shows a theoretically achievable value. In practice, you hardly get any of it.

    If your alien has a 3D screen, it could display 120 FPS. Otherwise it is also limited to 60 FPS.

    Whatever. Start your CSGO with a right click -> Run on -> nVidia high-performance processor (or something like that), or assign CS GO to the nVidia graphics chip in the nVidia control panel. This will ensure that the game is not running on the wrong graphics chip.
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  • With this low resolution and setting, 200FPS should easily be achieved.
    Also see if you have vertical synchronization in the Nvidia control panel.
    And switch to GPU Z during the game and look at the clock rates.
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