What is meant by Buddha's middle way?

The Middle Path - A Brief Buddha Story

Unfortunately, this middle path has not yet been understood and misinterpreted.

I will not betray him again because I was never listened to.

It cost me a lot of nerves that no one really listened to me, let alone took my words seriously.
In the meantime I realized that it must be like that.
Because the middle path will most likely (and I realized that, so why no one would listen to me) only revealed to those who deserve it and are Worthy of it.

In other words:
No matter how hard you try to understand the middle path, your mind will always consciously lead you astray.
So misjudge it or make you not want to understand it in the first place (by considering it nonsense, rejecting it, or or or the like).

The reason is quite simple:
In other words, you will only get the blazing, twitching flaming sword of the cherubim (a knowledge of how to deal with your spirit) if you are worthy of it.
Before this you will be denied this knowledge. And no matter who even voluntarily tries to give you this "sword" (this knowledge), the divine will mislead your mind so much that you will misunderstand every word that the volunteer gives you, because although the volunteer means well to you, that divine knows that you do not yet deserve to possess this knowledge / “sword”.

So you become for example: "I and the father are one." (Jesus said earlier)
To understand for generations by this that Jesus was God himself, although Jesus did not say so.
Because Jesus did not say, "I am the Father." He simply said: "I and the Father are one."
But those who are not worthy to understand will be misled by the Divine and so you will understand everything but the truth.
So you will e.g. understand that Jesus meant that he was God himself as a person.
Instead of understanding that Jesus only wanted to say that he was enlightened like Buddha and was one with nature (one with the Father).

This is just an example.
That is why all people, across generations, understood Jesus as God's true Son and as God personally.
A total misinterpretation of Jesus' teaching about himself and his knowledge.

But that is intentional, that the divine does not let you understand this correctly.

You don't put a gun in the hand of a bad guy, do you?
And so the divine does not allow you to get the right knowledge and understanding until you have proven, as a normal person, that you are really a good and just striving person.

And so it goes with the middle way and the correct understanding of it.
It is a weapon to free you from “your inner demons” (demons of the mind), so to speak.
But the divine does not allow that until you are worthy, that is, have proven that you deserve a heaven because you have proven to be a righteous person.
Therefore, it lets you continue to live at the mercy of the "demons" until you make up your mind.
Because the divine knowledge, if you give the evil spirits (that is, you as "evil" or, let's say, not a sincere, just, striving person) even more weapons (that is, the knowledge), it becomes that for unjust, egoistic reasons also for evil decisions use. Because this consciousness has not made a clear decision for the right cause.
So it is better to deny these ghosts the knowledge that they could be used for other bad things.

Therefore, even after so much time, I now realize why nobody wants or can understand me.
As much as I would like to try to share my knowledge.
If someone is not worthy to receive this knowledge (as cheesy as it may sound) then it will not understand the knowledge properly and will be misled.
From permanent he will always understand, although it is not exactly the same.
But he or she will understand what if. And while they have similar meanings, they are still not the same.

And so Buddha was worthy of understanding at that time, for the middle way, which is why he directly understood the knowledge (the realization), so to speak brightened in the spirit, when he heard the words of the fishermen / musicians.
But others today interpret the middle path as something entirely different.

And that's good.

I can't prove anything.
But I don't have to either.
Now must find the truth for yourself.
Even someone who wants to share his knowledge cannot help out of love (like Buddha, for example).
Because it is not in his power to judge who is already worthy to receive that knowledge and who is not.
Only a presumably divine, existing one can do that.
So it is not in the Buddha's hands or mine.

But as I said: it's just a guess. So why I suddenly realized why nobody understands me.
So my understanding of my middle way wanted to, could, or liked so far.