You can gain weight through exercise

My love! Weight gain through strength training is a sensitive topic that often affects and unsettles many kitties.

Did you gain weight through exercise, even though the actual goal was to lose weight? Many girls then panic quickly and give up all resolutions. Because in their eyes, gaining weight means getting fat. But I want to take this fear away from everyone who thinks this way today! Because weight gain during strength training is completely normal and harmless.

Weight gain through building muscle

It is known that strength training increases muscle mass. According to this, however, you automatically gain weight and that doesn't necessarily have to be a little. However, it must also be said that muscles bring more weight to less than fat or water. In other words, with 5 kilos of additional muscle you look much leaner, more athletic and more defined than with 5 kilos of additional fat.

Weight gain due to water retention

Especially in the first few weeks after the start of training, the body stores more water in the cells, which makes it quite natural that you gain weight for the time being. But that will subside over time. This only happens through the body's process of adapting to the new and unfamiliar stress. In addition, there is the storage of water in the case of sore muscles. It is often the result of a long break in sports. The reason for this is that the body is no longer used to this stress and has to adapt first. HERE you can find more information about sore muscles!

How does testosterone influence muscle building in women?

Women naturally have much lower testosterone levels than men. Since testosterone has a high influence on muscle building, women build much more slowly and also significantly less muscle compared to men. So nobody has to worry about becoming a female replica of Arnold Schwarzenegger due to weight gain! That will not happen! Not without illegal substances and the appropriate years or decades of training. Basically, the body only builds up muscles if it considers it absolutely necessary, because it is a luxury good that it does not necessarily need to survive. Building up so extremely in a very short time that you lose all femininity is therefore rather unrealistic.

Muscles through strength training? - Don't be afraid of masculinity! You can find out more about this HERE in my BLOG.

Gain healthy weight through strength training

Gaining weight isn't always bad. Especially if you are very slim, but would like to have more muscles, you have to build up first. Because where there is nothing, nothing can come about;) For this reason and precisely for the girls with this need, also has extra construction plans. Find out more about Size Zero's nutrition plans HERE.

In order to build up muscles effectively, you need at least a balanced calorie balance or a calorie surplus. This means that you have to supply your body with at least as much energy in the form of food as it consumes. Tends to be a little more. One often hears from men that they put in a bulking phase in winter in order to build up as much muscle as possible. However, due to the high calorie surplus, this not only results in more muscle, but also a lot of fat. However, this is not necessary at all. A calorie surplus of 150-250 kcal is completely sufficient and one does not become unnecessarily "fat". The build-up still brings with it an increase in weight, but this is only about 0.5 to 1 kilo per month. This frame is absolutely healthy and harmless.


In conclusion, it can be said that nobody needs to be afraid of gaining weight from strength training as long as it is in a healthy range. Regardless of whether there is an immediate decrease or a slight increase in who is in the size zero program, you should simply continue to follow the plans. And in the foreseeable future, anyone who sticks to these 1: 1 will be in top form despite possible weight gain. And that with a well-defined, athletic body through heavy weight training.

Kisses, your Alina