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Learn Krav Maga - defend yourself with the Israeli martial arts

For some time now, the martial art of the Mossad has been experiencing a real revival in Germany. There are more and more martial arts schools and clubs that offer suitable Krav Maga courses. In addition, there are now some self-defense books that introduce the techniques of this close combat system.

But one question always remains unanswered. Namely who should take a closer look at effective Israeli martial arts? We'll tell you in this article! We will also briefly discuss the graduation system, the techniques and the equipment required.

All important information at a glance:

At the beginning of this guide, we'll cover the basics. We have created this table so that you can quickly get an overview:

Who can learn Krav Maga?

In principle, of course, everyone. Since there is a great focus on self-defense and efficient techniques, Krav Maga is ideal as a martial art for self-defense. Both seniors and children can exercise this self-defense system.

The training is primarily aimed at adults, regardless of whether they are women or men. After all, things like punching and kicking techniques, but also grip techniques, levers and ground fighting methods are taught here. So the training is very versatile. This is what makes this close combat system so interesting, especially for security forces, the military and police officers.

In any case, you should be physically fit. In many countries, this SV system is also used to improve fitness. However, you don't have to be a muscleman. After all, a very specific credo is used here: Achieve the maximum with little effort.

This and the fact that defense against weapons is given a lot of time and space is what makes learning Krav Maga so recommendable. This is where the Israeli hand-to-hand combat system differs from many popular martial arts such as Thai boxing or Jiu Jutsu. Those who learn this system also know how to assert themselves against armed attackers.

Krav Maga is not only practiced by the Israeli secret service, the Mossad. On the contrary, this sport is part of the basic training of all Israeli soldiers. Therefore, this army is considered to be extremely effective in hand-to-hand combat.

How long does it take to master the techniques?

As with any self-defense system, you need to allow some time to learn the basics. However, you are ready for action relatively quickly here. Nevertheless, even with high motivation, you need 2 to 3 months in order to be able to really protect yourself against an attack in an emergency.

Why is that? The Krav Maga training is very versatile. You just need a certain amount of time to master the basic things. This is how you are trained in the following areas:

  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Movement theory
  • 360 degree defense
  • Internal defense
  • Fist techniques
  • Ball of the thumb techniques
  • Hammer blows
  • Elbow Techniques
  • Kicking techniques
  • Knee techniques
  • Defense against weapons
  • Stress drills

Furthermore, a lot of training is carried out on the basis of situations. In order to make these look even more real, the instructors ensure a lot of stress. The combination of both ensures efficient training. There is simply no better way to be prepared for an emergency. Therefore, this self-defense system is considered realistic, effective and uncompromising.

Depending on the user, the training has a different focus. A distinction is usually made here between civilians, military and police officers. Security guards usually learn a mixture of techniques for police officers and private individuals.

Are there belts or bandages?

There is also a graduation system here so that you can get an overview of your abilities and those of your classmates. A similar scheme is used here as in many other martial arts. However, belts are usually not awarded here, but colored patches (patches). The grades are divided into three different classes:

  • Practitioner level 1 to 5: yellow badge with stripes.
  • Graduate Level 1 to 5: blue badge with stripes.
  • Expert level 1 to 5: gold badge with red stripes.
  • Master level 1 to 3 (often referred to as Expert Level 5 to 8).
So that you can differentiate between the different levels, the respective stripes correspond to the level. Depending on the degree, the ascent can take between several months and years. So learning Krav Maga won't work in a few weeks. You need persistence!

What equipment do you need for the Israeli martial arts?

If you want to learn Krav Maga, you don't have to buy any specific items. Since the teaching is realistic here, you only need hard-wearing clothes that are not too tight. You should be able to move around well. Depending on the training location, you should pay attention to the footwear. After all, training here isn't just in a gym. You can usually find out from the trainer what exactly you need in advance.

Later on, training weapons and other items are also used. For example, knife or stick attacks can be simulated lifelike. These are usually provided and do not have to be purchased yourself.

What alternatives to Krav Maga exist?

Not every city has certain courses to learn Krav Maga. Therefore, unfortunately, one is often dependent on alternatives. But no worry! There are more than enough. The German Ju Jutsu is a recommended martial art with an emphasis on self-defense.

It was developed precisely for this purpose in the 1960s at the request of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. This martial art is practiced mainly by officials. However, this sport is heavily ritualized. Belts exist and everything is pressed into a rigid construct.

A more open and very efficient SV system is Jeet Kune Do. It was developed by none other than Bruce Lee. There are no belts and rituals here, but you have the freedom to choose how and what you want to train. So you can adapt the system to your needs. Unfortunately there are only a few trainers in Germany.

If the subject is self-defense, a suitable course can be a sensible option. Here you learn the most important techniques in a short time and can thus protect yourself successfully against most scenarios.

In addition, de-escalation measures and self-assertion techniques are taught here. So it's about more than just physical self-defense.

What else should you know?

From time to time we get questions about this self-defense system. We have published all the interesting questions about learning, including our answers, below:

Is Krav Maga the Best Self Defense?

It is a highly efficient close combat and self-defense system. Since there are variants for private individuals, police officers as well as soldiers, one is very well prepared for the respective emergency. There are also special courses for women, senior citizens and children. We can definitely recommend this SV system. Others should decide whether it is best.

What exactly is Krav Maga?

This is a modern and efficient self-defense system from Israel. The focus is preferably on punching and kicking techniques. But grip, lever and ground fighting techniques are also part of this SV system. Krav Maga is trained by civilians, police officers and the Israeli military. The techniques taught differ depending on the user.

Can you learn Krav Maga online?

Yes, you can learn a few basic things yourself. So there is the possibility to watch free videos online. Those who prefer to read will find lots of great tips and techniques on the relevant portals.

Despite all the enthusiasm, I have to say that you can only practice very simple techniques without a trainer. In addition, you absolutely need a partner who has no problem with getting a bruise or something similar. But if you are really serious about it, you should book a course. Everything else is and remains a gimmick.

Can you learn Krav Maga at home?

Yes, you can teach yourself a few basics. You can use books, YouTube videos and the many relevant portals for this. However, you are very limited in your options.

Therefore, it is better to attend a course. In addition, not everyone has a training partner who can overlook a bruise or other small injuries. Because of this, we always advise you to attend a suitable course. A textbook is also a good way to get started.

What does Krav Maga mean?

The name Krav Maga stands for "contact fight". It is made up of Krav "fight" and Maga "contact". The name comes from Israel, the birthplace of the modern and highly efficient self-defense system.