Really makes running away something

"Running away doesn't solve problems"

Wesel. Our reporting yesterday about the exit of the ex-mayor Jörn Schroh from the CDU triggered a great response. “I regret his departure,” says Wesel's CDU chairman Sebastian Hense and adds: “His departure has no logic! In doing so, he only strengthens the groups that he does not want to strengthen at all. He could have done a lot more if he had stayed in the CDU. At our party events, for example, he could have spoken directly to Sabine Weiß, the deputy chairman of the CDU parliamentary group. "
Wesel's CDU parliamentary group leader Jürgen Linz added: “Running away doesn't solve any problems, my parents told me that early on. And just complaining doesn't help either. Memberships in political parties enable every citizen to participate in political developments. Even if I can understand Mr. Schroh's worries and concerns, I would like to see many more citizens who actively stand up for our constitutional state and defend our values. And that clearly against any right-wing tendencies! "

Dieter Kloß, a former SPD member of the district council from Wesel, takes up a specific passage from our report: “For Schroh, the local political associations are now responsible. Because if there is no reaction in Berlin, pressure must be put on from below, on the level of local politics. ”Kloß writes:“ Dear Mr. Schroh, how does this statement fit in with your exit from the CDU? Wouldn't you have had the opportunity to do just this from below - from the CDU local branch in Wesel? "

Daniel Buteweg is the treasurer of the new parliamentary group We for Wesel (WfW “). He says: “The local associations also have to face this issue openly. Mr. Schroh is representative of the fears of many citizens who are questioned and perceived far too little. People in the entire district are increasingly turning to pepper spray and gas pistols, so a development cannot be put into perspective with reference to the rule of law. The parties have a special responsibility in relation to the Land and Bundestag. Unfortunately, their own claim to have a career in politics undermines the will to criticize in some. "

Lawyer Christian Isselhorst, who is now working in Dortmund, is still following the political events in his hometown Wesel intensely: “Anyone who thinks this way would do well to leave the established parties behind quickly. Instead of helping at the local level or 'from below', at least in its basic features, to carry the current policy to the population, to explain it and to defend it again and again, he takes refuge in well-known slogans that unfortunately can also be found in other corners of the political spectrum knows. What a terrible signal that is being set here. You just have to ask around and look around and you can see how dangerous the path is that is being trodden there. The former mayor is likely to encourage rather than stop the influx of right-wing populist parties. Who knows whether that is not even what they want, with these political attitudes / statements? "

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