Who created the Rasengan


Step 1: In this stage one learns the emanation of chakra. The user has to let his chakra flow out in such a way that it moves back and forth through each other. In order to master this level, one must be able to control one's chakra enough to be able to run up trees and walk on water. These two practices are the principle for mastering the first level because they are based on the same principle. Jiraiya let Naruto train this level with a water balloon, which Naruto should only burst by moving his chakra. He did this after watching a cat play with that water balloon.

Level 2: This level is 100 times more difficult than the first level. This stage is about strength. The practitioner has to concentrate more chakra in the same space in order to multiply the strength. Jiraiya let Naruto practice this by giving him a rubber ball that he should pop with the help of his chakra. However, this requires a much higher concentration of chakra, as the rubber ball is much harder than the water balloon.

Level 3: The final stage probably sounds the easiest, but it is the hardest. At this level, it is important to combine both levels previously learned. The user has to bring the rotating chakra into a spherical shape in order to increase the speed further and further. This then happens automatically. To do this, you have to create some kind of film around the chakra. Jiraiya let Naruto practice this by giving him a balloon. Naruto was supposed to fill the balloon with the two previously learned levels, but it was not allowed to burst or shake.