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NBA return to Seattle? Mayor "very optimistic"

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has spoken to Commissioner Adam Silver about a potential NBA return to Seattle. She is "very optimistic" that the former home of SuperSonics will get an expansion team in the future.

A few weeks ago, Silver noted that expansion was "inevitable" at a certain point in time, but he left it open. A little later there was apparently a conversation between Silver and Durkan, in which the mayor of Seattle reaffirmed the city's desire for an NBA team.

"It is very good news for the city of Seattle that they are considering an expansion team," Durkan told the broadcaster KING5. "I've been honest with [Silver]. He knows Seattle wants to be at the forefront. We're where the new team should be."

From 1967 to 2008, the SuperSonics were based in Seattle before the entire franchise moved to Oklahoma City and was renamed Thunder. The enthusiasm for basketball in the west coast metropolis has not diminished since then, Seattle has been named for years as a potential candidate alongside Las Vegas when it comes to an expansion team.

The Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle is currently being extensively renovated, where the Seattle Kraken will play as the NHL's newest expansion team from the 2021/22 season. The old and then non-standard arena was officially one of the main reasons the franchise moved.

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However, it will probably take a few years before the league is expanded, as league officials recently leaked. The last expansion came in 2004 when the then Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets) were added to the association. ESPN recently speculated that a new owner group would have to shell out up to $ 2.5 billion in expansion fees for a new team.