What does reporting mean on Instagram

No personalized advertising! How to turn off Instagram targeting

Instagram is increasingly becoming an advertising platform. Accordingly, the social network uses personal data from partners to personalize your ads. If you don't want that, we'll explain how you can turn off Instagram targeting.

The larger a network, platform or service becomes, the more attention it gets. In most cases, this results in positive reporting at the beginning.

But when companies come into the public eye, the critical aspects are always examined. The Tik Tok social video app and the Zoom video solution, which was hyped at the beginning of the corona pandemic, clearly felt this in 2020.

The rise of Instagram in Germany

When it comes to the leading social networks for businesses and advertisers, the name Instagram comes up almost exclusively. Of course, Facebook is still by far the largest platform in the world.

But the Facebook subsidiary Instagram is much more popular with users and brands. While the platform had just nine million users in Germany at the beginning of 2016, it will be in 2020 according to the options in the Ad Manager 21 million Users.

And there is a similar tendency with Instagram Stories. Use the popular format every day in Germany 18 million people. The worldwide usage of Instagram Stories is even by 500 million people - every day anew.

Data protection is also becoming more important on Instagram

The phenomenon of attention already described is of course also reflected on Instagram. This applies in particular to the areas of data protection and privacy. After all, the parent company Facebook has been involved in numerous data protection scandals in recent years.

Accordingly, Instagram goes on the offensive and offers its own users more options. Users can now decide, for example, whether they want to turn off Instagram targeting or not.

Specifically, this means: Each user can decide whether Instagram uses the information from the so-called "partners" to show you personalized advertising.

The partners are, for example, online shops, advertisers and websites. And the information is personal data such as your purchases in online shops or your search behavior in the browser.

Turning Instagram Targeting Off: Here's How It Works

If you don't want to see personalized advertising on Instagram, you can turn off Instagram targeting. It doesn't even take a minute.

  1. Open your profile.
  2. Click on the three horizontal bars In the right upper corner.
  3. Select "Settings" out.
  4. Click "Advertisements" and then "Partner data" at.
  5. Put the green highlighted counter next to your profile picture.

If you have followed these steps, Instagram targeting will be deactivated for your account. This may mean that the ads you see are less tailored to your personal interests.

Instagram is not a brand building channel for advertisers

However, the ads on Instagram and Facebook - regardless of the numerous and ongoing optimizations - are usually not really tailored to the interests and needs of a user anyway.

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In many cases, the classic reach and watering can principle is still used. For advertisers, it's still all about clicks, conversions and reach. This has only recently been confirmed by a large study.

Instagram's options for brand building - personalized storytelling via live videos, stories, guides and posts - are barely noticed. This leaves a lot of potential untapped.

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