What does the phrase Laomashitu mean

Laomashitu, idiom. Pinyin lǎo mǎ shí tú. Off, "said Han Fei Lin up." Meaning of horse to know traveled once. Metaphor for what experienced people are more familiar with.

Basic term


Natural world has its own unique personality, people learn from nature, then everything as I used to be, for the benefit of humanity. General

[Chinese characters] Laomashitu [2]

[Mandarin] lǎo mǎ shí tú

English spelling 【An old horse knows the way.

[Interpretation] Horse idiom understanding traveled once. Metaphor for what experienced people are more familiar with. Application: Road, streets.

[Emotionally] commendatory

[Synonyms] Laojifuli, healthy and strong, wise old birds, very much at home, hundreds of times

[Antonyms] old-fashioned, senile, I don't know that inexperienced, callow

[Idiom consumption] as subject, predicate, with compliment

[Syntax] main predicate

[Source] idiom, "said Han Fei Lin on"

[Riddle] Laomashitu (play Administrative noun a) Answer: demerit


① Laomashitu Tim bone disease, poor tree selection Monkeys throw deep branches. - Qing TRAINING AT SEA "two if Xuan Collection"

② older Laomashitu, experienced, we should respect them, humbly ask.

③ Qing Qian, "High Lim Cho Tong Huai apartment preface": "Lim Cho to I ~, roll out his line to get a word." [1]

Allusions dissolution


Off "said Han Fei Lin on"

Guan, Xi (XI) friends (1) of Yu Huan and cutting (2) Guzhu (3), spring (4) winter trans (5), confusion (6) unjust (7). Guan said, "Maradona's wisdom is also there." If (8) is placed with the horse and (9), then (10) is (11) Road.

Line (12) mountain water, Xi Peng said: "Ants winter habitat (13) Mountain Yang (14), the summer residence Mountain Yin (15), ants soil a few inches and meters of water (16)." If there is dig (17) soil, then get (18) in water. To (19) Guan Zhi Sheng (20) and Xi Peng of wisdom, to know it is not difficult (21) division (22) on the horse, the ancient ants, most people do not know that their foolish heart and division Holy (23) of Chile, not to have (24) almost?


Duke should apply to Yan State, Yan sent troops to attack the invading Shanrong country, based on the land and the doctor Xi Guan Peng went with him. Qi is the spring expedition after the triumphant return, when it is winter, the vegetation changes. Army in the mountains down into the valley and on turn and eventually lost its way. Guan thought for a long time, had a vision: to find the dog away from home can go home, then the army of Maio horse should also be able to see the road. So with the consent of the Duke immediately agreed to pick out horses, tied the reins and let them run free in front of the army. The horse was not afraid to go in one direction. Army followed them to go east to go west, and finally out of the valley, and found their way back in Qi.

Went to the mountains without water, Xi Peng said: "The ants live in the mountains in the winter sunny place (south), summer live in the mountains and in a cool place (north) ground nest an inch high, eight meters deep in places of the earth. it will be water. "So finally the water digs. With wise approachable and Xi Guan Peng wisdom, met the things they did not know to learn about the horse and ants; Now people with foolish heart without knowing sage wisdom are learning not to do a big mistake?


1 Guan, Xi Peng: Both are Duke's ministers.