What are the most enjoyable jobs

The best jobs in the world: where making money is fun

The best jobs in the world aren't just about high-paying jobs or top employers; there are a lot of factors that can make up good jobs. That is why we have included aspects such as having fun at work, variety, working conditions and the like. Also relaxed jobs that take a lot of time for that Private lifeoffer and Globetrotter jobsare in demand today.

In addition, to get a great job you don't have to fight your way through a difficult degree or get a particularly good education, just flexible and open to new ideasone should be. Here they come, the best jobs in the world or jobs that are fun:

Jobs that make sense: everyday companion and care assistant

If you really want to have the feeling that you are an important part of society and help your fellow human beings, you can do so as Everyday companion for people with physical or mental disabilitieswork. After a special training, it is your task here to make everyday life easier for the people who use your help and to keep them company in general. As is unfortunately the case in many social professions, this work cannot be counted under well-paid professions (approx. 1,331 to 2,244 euros per month), but you will never have to ask yourself the question of whether your work makes any sense at all and make a difference in the world.

Urban planner

What could be more exciting than creating the living space of hundreds, if not thousands, of people? The path to becoming a city planner is not exactly easy, studying architecture or civil engineering is compulsory and even then no job is guaranteed, but once you've made it, you can look forward to a creative, varied and well-paid job. Here you earn between 2,100 and 4,600 euros a month.

Jobs that are fun: Multimedia artist / influencer

In the 21st century there probably aren't that many jobs more diverseas that of a multimedia artist. On the one hand, many courses of study, such as cultural studies, media studies or computer science, can lead to this. On the other hand, this training can lead anywhere. Whether as a designer for the websites of a small online editorial team or as an employee on a new Audi commercial, practically anything is possible. You can also set up your own business with your own YouTube channel, podcast or Instagram account. Accordingly, it is very difficult to state an average salary here.

Personal shopper

Certainly not one of the “I want to make the world a better place”, but it is definitely the dream job for everyone Fashion enthusiasts.In retail or for private individuals, you can find the right clothes here. Of course, not only good taste is required, but also a lot of human knowledge, because you can't just dress everyone the way you like to walk around. The salary is between 2,100 and 3,200 euros a month.

Tip: Are you not only looking for jobs that are fun, but also for work that makes sense? The sustainable career portal JobVerde has specialized in "green jobs". There you will find job advertisements from employers who Sustainability firmly anchored in their corporate philosophy have, for example, in the renewable energies, electromobility, sustainable nutrition, green fashion or development cooperation sectors. This is how you too can find a job with meaning that fits your code of values.

The best jobs in the world: computer game tester

Certainly, pretty much every child has their afternoons before first own consolehas spent, this job has already been imagined: as a game tester, it is your job to put new releases through their paces, discover bugs and pass them on to the developers. In addition to a general affinity for computer games, the prerequisites are perseverance, the best possible knowledge of English and a background in the IT industry. Payment is based on experience and knowledge and ranges from 7 to 15 euros per hour.

Happy at work: gardeners and florists

You don't necessarily need a degree (landscape architecture would be an option), but according to a survey by kununu, florists and gardeners are the happiest at their jobs. Is it working with the plants and outdoors or the feeling of doing something meaningful? 87% of florists and gardeners said they were satisfied with their job, more than in any other profession. The starting salary is around 2,000 euros gross per month, but in the lower range, which does not seem to reduce satisfaction.

Jobs that are fun: travel writer and travel reporter

The best job in the world for everyone who does theirs Passion for traveling and writing want to connect. As a travel reporter, it is your job to edit your travels all over the world and, for example, to write travel guides or to create reviews for various holiday destinations or hotels. The first choice for globetrotter jobs. Getting a permanent job here is not easy, however. Most of the people who work in this area work as freelancers for newspapers or websites, which is why it is hardly possible to give an average salary here.

The best jobs in the world: Gaming Manager

If you are looking for exciting jobs in a colorful environment and have always been at the same time Private detectiveshould take a look at the area of ​​gaming managers. These are the heart and soul of all major casinos. On the one hand you introduce newcomers to the casino's games, on the other hand it is your job to identify fraudsters. The payment here is between 60,000 and 65,000 euros per year, which is also impressive.

German as a foreign language teacher

Those who study German as a foreign language have a lot of opportunities to get work and at the same time the option to work in practically any country in the world. In connection with the immigration of many people to Germany, German teachers are desperately wanted in this country too. So there are very good career opportunities combined with the opportunity to help people. Only permanent employment becomes a problem for some, as many German as a foreign language teachers are only employed on a fee basis for individual courses. But even in this case, the fee with the right employer is good.

The job of the 21st century: data scientist

Last but not least, we have a particularly attractive job tip for you, because data scientist became a "sexiest job of the 21th century"chosen. But why is this and what do you do in this professional field? Fall every day gigantic amounts of datawhen using social media, navigating or streaming. A data scientist structured, analyzed and evaluatedthis amount of data and is therefore indispensable for many companies. It is a very popular job, with which you can choose which company suits you and there are high salaries with a starting salary of 45.000€. By analyzing data you can work in many areas and contribute to important decisions, so there is no boredom! However, you need extensive programming skills and business know-how for this.

If you can combine your talents with your interests professionally, then these are jobs that are fun. The best jobs in the world, however, mean that you are well paid for them.

Your dream job wasn't there? Then try our job search. Here you are guaranteed to find the best job in the world for you in the city of your choice. We keep our fingers crossed.

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