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Sakura Uchiha[11](born Haruno, 春 野)(Sakura = cherry blossom, Haruno = spring field[12]) is a Kunoichi with the rank of Jonin[9]who comes from Konohagakure and is one of the three main characters with Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. She is very temperamental, but knows how to behave with higher-ranking people. She has been in love with Sasuke since the series began, and she confessed to Sasuke when he left the village. When Naruto is fooling around, she usually gives a violent blow to bring him back to his senses. She didn't have a good relationship with Naruto in the beginning (she counted him among the things she likes least), but this improved over time and she had to acknowledge that Naruto had really developed further. Even if she doesn't love Naruto (but Sasuke), she has an extremely strong bond with Naruto that makes him one of the most important people in her life. Sakura is usually a more emotional person who always thinks about others and therefore often worries about her friends.



Sakura is a young girl who has short pink hair and green eyes. In her childhood she was often loved by other children because of her large forehead "Browie" called, but through Ino Yamanaka she has gained more self-confidence, which is why she has got into the habit of wearing a headband or headband like a headband that is supposed to show off her forehead.

As a genin

In Part 1, Sakura had long hair, but cut it off during the Chunin selection test. She wore a red qipao, on the front and back of which there was a white circular symbol, which possibly symbolized the Haruno clan coat of arms. Under the qipao she wore dark green shorts and blue sandals. On the right thigh was the pocket for her kunai and another shuriken pocket over her buttocks.

As chunin

As Chunin, Sakura wears a red sleeveless vest, on the back of which there is the same symbol that was already on the qipao that she wore as Genin. Furthermore, she wears a light pink skirt with slits on the sides as well as on the front and back and under this skirt black shorts and boots of the same color. She also wears light pink elbow pads and black gloves, which she only wears when fighting.


The Last

After two years, she has found her way back to her old style when she was a genin. So she is now wearing a shorter and darker version of her qipao, without the circular symbols. Underneath, she still wears black shorts and an equally black band around her waist. Her black ninja boots have given way to normal ninja shoes of the same color and pink knee pads now cover her knees. The combat gloves and elbow pads have remained. Sakura's eponymous pink hair is now smoother and she brushes her hair to the left in a light pony. Even after all these years, she continues to heed Ino's advice and wears her red headband similar to a hairband. In her free time, she wears a simple, light green sweater with white three-quarter trousers and pink sandals.

As an adult

Neither the combat gloves nor the elbow pads can be seen in the epilogue, just as she has taken off her headband and her pink skirt with short leggings has given way to a wine-red dress. This looks much more casual and less suitable for combat than the old skirt with a lot of legroom and the separate, short-sleeved top. This top is recognizable in the dress, especially in the short-sleeved top shape. Rather, the current womanly dress resembles Sakura's first garment, the dark pink one-piece. A difference can only be seen in the collar and the Uchiha coat of arms can also be seen on the back of the dress. The apron she wears in the short sequence is due to the fact that she is cleaning. Just like the white cloth on her still cherry blossom-pink hair. She has not changed this, except that her pony is now held by two red clips on the left side. This makes the seal of the Byakugou no Jutsu easily recognizable on her forehead. All in all, her whole appearance now looks less combative, more casual and more womanly, so she now also let her fingernails grow longer. Nevertheless, she remained the sakura in her youth. In the meantime she let her hair grow long again and again, but always has shoulder-length hair on her big appearances. At times she also wears light pink three-quarter trousers and a kind of open qipao over them. The pink, fine sandals round off the very elegant and adult-looking outfit that she wears in Boruto: Naruto the Movie.


Sakura's temperament is very similar to Tsunade's, one of the reasons why she is referred to as the Second or Young Tsunade. As with this one, people are often afraid of her when her quick-tempered and rude manner comes through, especially Naruto, as Sakura often beats him for his behavior. But Sakura also has a helpful, friendly and sentimental side that comes to the fore when it comes to her teammates and people close to her. She is also quite intelligent and has a strong will, which she shows in the fight against Sasori.

Furthermore, Sakura has one Inner voice, a childish, bolder, and slightly darker version of herself. That represents the exact opposite of Sakura's behavior. So she was very enthusiastic about Naruto's idea when he placed a dirty table sponge in such a way that the late Kakashi Hatake opened the door and the table sponge fell on his head. However, in order to maintain decency, Sakura described Naruto's behavior as childish and extremely stupid. In the fight against Ino, during the Chunin selection test, when Ino used her Shintenshin no Jutsu on Sakura, she was able to dissolve the Jutsu with the help of her inner voice. In Naruto Shippuden she only appears once at the beginning, but not later, which is to emphasize Sakura's maturation process.

As an adult, Sakura is still dominated by her emotions: During a discussion with her daughter, she quickly loses patience with the child, yells at her and finally smashes the ground at her feet. However, she quickly realizes that this was not right and quickly apologizes to Sarada and tries to cheer her daughter up. Sakura seems to have such outbursts more than once, as the current mortgage on her house had not yet been paid off when she destroyed it again.

Although she has lost her patience in the presence of her daughter and has otherwise remained quite emotional, she does not tolerate it when her daughter puts herself in danger. After Sarada left the village to look for her father and Sakura woke up from her faint, she immediately went to see her daughter as soon as she could. When she arrives at Sarada, she immediately puts the enemies threatening her family and her best friend to flight and does everything to protect the people who mean a lot to her. As confirmed by Sarada herself, Sakura is still a loving mother who does everything for her child and takes care of her daughter in every situation.

Sakura's childhood

Not much is known about Sakura's childhood. All we learned was that at the beginning she was always teased because of her slightly larger forehead. However, when she later met Ino Yamanaka, she changed and wanted to be like her. Since Ino was one of the top female academy graduates, it wasn't easy for Sakura. “Especially during the Kunoichi lessons, Sakura couldn't keep up with Ino and always had to watch how she was top of the class.[13]spoiler However, the two quickly became best friends. Sakura was protected by Ino, but later, when she fell in love with Sasuke Uchiha and found out that Ino liked him too, Sakura ended this friendship so that both of them could fight for Sasuke. They have been rivals ever since. Both of them grew their hair long too, because they heard that Sasuke likes girls with long hair.

Shinobi training

Sakura was assigned to their new sensei Kakashi Hatake along with Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. Together they made up Team 7. It was easy for her to learn from books. In practice and in the first missions, however, she was always very cautious when she intervened at all.

Training by Kakashi

Kakashi Hatake told her several times that Sakura had a great talent for gene jutsu. In contrast to Naruto and Sasuke, Sakura does not receive individual training from Kakashi. After a first unsuccessful attempt, she passes the bell test together with Naruto and Sasuke, where she is told by Kakashi that she is too fixated on Sasuke and therefore does not support Naruto in the fight. The only training lesson that she conducts together with her two team partners is the control of her chakra, which the team learns in the wave realm. It shows that Sakura is the only one of the three genins who already has her chakra under control.

When the team later disbanded, Tsunade trained her as a Medic-Nin. At first she believed of herself to be a very good Kunoichi and also bragged about her knowledge, but over time she had to admit that she was not as good as she thought.

Training by Tsunade

In Naruto Shippuden, she is an excellent medicine ninja and has become almost as good as Tsunade. Sakura learned not only the healing art, but also Tsunade's technique, with which she can shatter rocks and cause powerful tremors. In doing so, she concentrates her chakra in her hands and releases it explosively at the moment of the strike. In addition, Tsunade trained her to dodge quickly, which is essential for a medicine ninja, as he can only heal the other shinobi if he is unharmed himself. Even the best shinobi like Jiraiya and Kakashi are afraid of Sakura's new strength.

Chiyo, a Kunoichi from Sunagakure, who was very impressed by the skills and knowledge of Sakura, which she showed during the rescue mission of the KazekageGaara, and who also praised it many times, saw in Sakura a great potential that one day she would surpass her master Tsunade and a better one Kunoichi than this could be.


Kakashi's exam

After Sakura successfully completed the ninja academy, she was put into a team together with Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki, which was led by Kakashi Hatake, a well-known Jonin from Konohagakure. Her first task was to take two bells from Kakashi, which turned out to be extremely difficult. Sakura kept looking for Sasuke to see if he was okay. Over time, Sakura fell for Kakashi's illusions, causing her to pass out after seeing Sasuke, who was dying. In the end, they couldn't take a single bell from Kakashi, as everyone was working for himself. She is told by Kakashi that she shouldn't always take care of Sasuke and that she should also help Naruto in the fight. But in the end they passed the exam because they showed teamwork at the end, which is what Kakashi wanted in this exercise. They were the only team that had ever passed Kakashi's bell test. So you don't have to return to the ninja academy.

Mission in the wave realm

Sakura and her team members are given the mission to bring Tazuna safely back to the wave realm. However, they are met by two ninjas on the way there