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Limited implementation guarantee

For many years we have been one of the few seminar providers to offer a performance guarantee with guaranteed dates for all seminars. For you, this means a high degree of predictability and reliability.

Due to the current COVID19 crisis and the massive effects on the seminar business, it is currently not possible for us to guarantee all training courses. In individual cases, seminars can therefore be canceled in exceptional cases. We ask for your understanding.

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Thanks to the GFU online training courses, continuing education is easier than ever - and with the usual GFU quality! Expand your knowledge in a quick and uncomplicated way without leaving your home.

  • You save time and money
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  • No installations on your own PC necessary
  • IT support for the entire duration of the seminar
  • Textbook for the seminar
  • Monitor, webcam, notebook, ... optionally rent NEW
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In-house / company training

  • 5 days - customizable
  • Appointment as desired
  • Price according to offer
  • In your company or at GFU

Individual training

  • 5 days - customizable
  • Appointment as desired
  • Price according to offer
  • In your company or at GFU


The seminar describes in detail the structure and structure of the Oracle database from the point of view of the database administrator. The strategies that are essential for successfully setting up, maintaining and operating the database are described. The selection of the main topics is based on the specific problems of the participants. Security aspects such as the stand-by server or strategies for incremental online backup and disaster recovery are also discussed. The training is always carried out with an up-to-date version, with specific versions at the request of the participants.

Training goal

After completing the seminar, the participants can correctly and efficiently carry out the most important administrative work on the database that is required in the actual environment. This includes, for example, installing the Oracle software, working with existing databases and creating and configuring new databases (e.g. for a test system), various hardware-Aspects as well as the creation and use of backups (recovery).

Who should attend

Database administrators, system administrators and application developers with SQL- Knowledge and general database knowledge. General knowledge of SQL can be acquired in the "Seminar SQL and Oracle".

Your training

Learning method:
A balanced mix of theory and practice
Seminar documents or specialist book for the seminar included, which can be individually selected after consultation with the trainer.
PC / VMs for each participant
High-quality and high-performance hardware
Large, height-adjustable screens
Access to your company network is allowed
Learning environment:
New systems set up for each course in coordination with the seminar leader.
Working materials:
A4 notepad, notepad, ballpoint pen, USB stick, highlighter, post-its
Certificate of attendance:
Will be handed out at the end of the seminar, including a table of contents
Seminar language:
It is possible to hold the seminar "Oracle Administration (DBA)" in English as in-house / company training. Ask us!


The Hygiene concept was with professional help implemented and coordinated with the responsible authority. We would be happy to provide this to you. In addition, for your safety, we have equipped the training center with a total of 17 Trotec TAC V + high-performance air cleaners. Thanks to the newly developed filter technology (H14 certified according to DIN EN1822), the room air is circulated several times an hour and 99.995% of the infectious aerosols are separated and killed in the HEPA virus filter. In addition, all rooms are equipped with CO2 traffic lights, we are happy to provide you with certified FFP2 masks. Lunch will take place in the TÜV casino. The TÜV also has an exemplary hygiene concept.

Number of participants:
min. 1, max. 8 people
Guaranteed implementation *:
From one participant
Training times:
5 days, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Training location:
GFU training center
At the gray stone 27
51105 Cologne-Deutz or online in the Virtual Classroom
or at your premises throughout Europe as in-house training
Bright and modern rooms with perfect infrastructure
Price advantage:
The third employee participates free of charge.
All inclusive:
Breakfast, snacks and drinks all day long, lunch in our own restaurant, 6 menus daily, including vegetarian options
The GFU training center (Am Grauen Stein 27) is barrier-free

Book without risk

Only after the successful seminar. No advance payment.
Free of charge up to the day before the seminar
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Secure your seminar place without obligation before booking - even if you are not authorized to book yourself
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  • architecture
    • Instance and database, server and user processes
    • SGA and background processes
    • Important performance views
    • Other important files such as archive logs, password files,
    • init.ora etc.
  • Starting and stopping the database
    • operating system Linux
    • operating system Windows
    • Important start parameters, character set settings
    • STARTUP levels and shutdown of the database
  • Database structure
    • Important files: control file, redo log file, data files
    • The physical structure: data files, extents, database blocks
    • The logical structure: database, schema, objects, lines
    • How does the database work?
    • Which files are important?
  • Recognize the state of the database
    • The alert log file
    • Important views
    • Working with the Enterprise Manager
    • Memory consumption and parameter optimization
  • network-Configuration
    • Dedicated servers, prespawned sessions, multi-threaded servers
    • Important views

Participation is also possible online

On request, our seminars can also be booked or requested as an online seminar (virtual classroom). Simply click on the appropriate option when making your booking or request.

05.07.-09.07.2021 *Cologne / Online 2.760,00 Book reserve
13.09.-17.09.2021 *Cologne / Online 2.760,00 Book reserve
29.11.-03.12.2021 *Cologne / Online 2.760,00 Book reserve
10.01.-14.01.2022 *Cologne / Online 2.760,00 Book reserve
21.03.-25.03.2022 *Cologne / Online 2.760,00 Book reserve
30.05.-03.06.2022 *Cologne / Online 2.760,00 Book reserve
  • Book without risk
  • No advance payment
  • Free cancellation up to the day before the seminar
  • Invoice after a successful seminar
  • All inclusive price
  • * Guaranteed date and venue
  • Prices per person plus VAT
  • The third employee participates free of charge

This is how GFU customers voted

About the seminar

Would have preferred face-to-face training, was not possible due to Corona, so it was still great as online training. well explained, good speed

About the GFU

the work material was missing, which was apparently not sent because of a mix-up

Name anonymized on request
About the seminar

I use the product at work. and have had a good experience with it so far

Sonia F. of Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation e.V. out Bonn
About the seminar

Very good seminar!

About the GFU

Perfect environment for seminars!

Name anonymized on request
About the seminar

The slides could be made more demanding ... Structured, answered questions and problems, everything was great ...

About the GFU

great additional services: TOP snack bar, TOP canteen, shuttle, WIfi ... everything you could wish for ...

Michael Moossen of msg systems AG out Ismaning
About the seminar

Seminar met my expectations. . Clearly and clearly explained.
Construction was good too.
Time management was also under control.

About the GFU

Mr. Rehfeldt was competent.

Name anonymized on request
About the seminar

Some subjects could have been dealt with in more depth. On the whole, however, the seminar corresponded to my ideas.

About the GFU

Very good, the overall package was well organized, from the shuttle service to catering and technical equipment, as well as the availability of contact persons and the punctual return home.

Name anonymized on request
About the seminar

The seminar dealt with all essential points.

About the GFU

The service was excellent, the shuttle service was excellent, drinks and sweets were excellent. The guided tour offered was also a great idea.

Name anonymized on request
About the seminar

You definitely don't have to attend the expensive Oracle training courses to be well prepared for work as an admin.

About the GFU

A competent company in a very pleasant environment and great atmosphere. So far only had lecturers with very detailed specialist knowledge.

About the seminar

The lecturer had a good practical relevance. The level is very suitable for beginners in Oracle database administration.

About the GFU

I felt very comfortable in the GFU premises. The seminar was carried out very well.