Why Scorpio runs away after stinging

Attention! 10 things guaranteed to drive EVERY Scorpio insane

Scorpios are actually quite harmless fellows. However, it can quickly happen that you piss them off with a few words or certain behaviors. If you have a Scorpio around you, you should avoid these ten things if you want to get along peacefully:

1. Show impatience

One of the most important rules in dealing with Scorpios is very simple: you should never push them or show your own impatience openly. That drives the Scorpio insane - and it certainly doesn’t make it any faster.

2. Deviations from the plan

Scorpios like to plan for their lives. Be it the weekend organization, the birthday party or your entire life with studies, husband, house, children. So far so good. It gets unpleasant if this plan doesn't work out. Then scorpions freak out, because they don't get along well with deviations from what has already been planned. So think twice before throwing the weekend trip overboard. Better not!

3. Injustices

Regardless of whether you have experienced it yourself or injustice that others experience: a Scorpio is guaranteed to get its sting out, because it can't stand that at all.

4. Avarice

Since Scorpios are generous people, they have no understanding of stinginess. You will go insane when the bill is meticulously divided up when you visit a restaurant together.

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5. Breaches of trust

Loyal, loyal: These two character traits best describe the Scorpio. Since they are very loyal, they react very irritably when their trust is abused. This is as true in love as it is in friendships. Doubly stupid: Scorpios don't forget anything so easily. A breach of trust can therefore mean the end of a friendship.

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6. Illogical decisions

Since many Scorpios think very logically and like to analyze everything, they have zero understanding for people who go through life haphazardly and make senseless decisions. Especially discussions without a common thread drive scorpions insane.

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7. Fickleness

Maybe burger. Oh wait, would you prefer pizza ?! In such situations, Scorpios see red. You hate indecision!

8. Boring conversations

Scorpios are pretty clever fellows. You can have the best conversations with them - about God and the world. It is understandable that they react impatiently to dull conversation partners and quickly find the way out.

9. Show weakness

Strong, independent and very determined: These character traits apply pretty much to Scorpios. They do not like to deal with people who openly show weaknesses, constantly adapt and have no backbone.

10. Provoke jealousy

Jealousy is one of a Scorpio's greatest weaknesses. You're on the verge of freaking out when your sweetheart throws a glance at a pretty woman. And if he even starts a little flirt, they're about to burst.

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