Which color goes well with white pants?

Combine white pants: THESE styling mistakes should be avoided

White pants are pure summer. But the trend parts have one catch: They are not the easiest styling partner. Because combined with the wrong top or the wrong shoes, the look with white jeans or trousers quickly looks cheap and not a bit chic.

But don't worry! We'll show you which tops and which shoes white trousers go well with and how you can now style the summer classic in a trendy fashion.

Combine white pants: the most beautiful looks to look at

As always, we've seen the most beautiful street styles for you and lo and behold: white trousers, especially extra wide models, are THE darling of fashion professionals right now. Here we show you how trendy they combine the white trousers:

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Styling help: which top to wear with white trousers?

Let's get to the tops. Which tops go with white pants depends primarily on the color and material of the shirts and blouses and only secondarily on their cut.

Since white pants always look fresh and summery, you should style them with tops that match this style. Flowing blouses made of light fabrics, maritime striped shirts or airy tops in soft colors such as sky blue, smoky blue, mint, rose or delicate gray tones are great. Do you have a tanned complexion? Then try out an all-white outfit.

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Colorfully patterned blouses can also look great with white trousers, provided that white is found in the pattern. Fashion blogger Caitlin from southerncurlsandpearls.com proves how beautiful such a look can look. Her outfit with an airy Carmen blouse, white trousers and beige sandals looks wonderfully light and super summery.

Perfect duo: which shoes to wear with white trousers?

What applies to the tops also applies to the shoes with white trousers: They should look summery and light to support the freshness of the look. Perfect with white trousers (and the favorite shoes of fashion professionals) are nude-colored or shiny metallic pointed pumps. Your advantage: you visually lengthen your legs. The disadvantage: not every woman can walk in high heels.

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An alternative to pumps are wedge sandals, light sneakers or lace-up ballerinas in delicate colors such as beige, old pink, gray or light brown tones. If you choose colored shoes with white jeans or trousers, you should make sure that the color tone is repeated in your outfit, e.g. in the top, the bag or the accessories. This is how your look will be perfect!

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Combine white pants: You should avoid these no-gos in the future!

1. The pants are too tight
In contrast to dark trousers, which make the legs look narrower, white trousers make the thighs look wider. If the pants are still too tight, it doesn't look very flattering. For women with stronger legs, it is better to wear straight trousers with a slightly wider cut than tight, skinny jeans.

2. Dark, chunky shoes with white pants
You should definitely not combine black, chunky shoes with white trousers. The reason: Due to the stark color contrast between the very light trousers and the dark shoes, the legs appear much shorter than they actually are.

3. Combine white trousers with bright colors
Many assume that white pants go with ALL colors. After all, white is the most neutral tone of all. But that's not true, because the combination of white pants and bright colors can quickly look cheap. Soft pastel colors, gray tones, beige or light brown tones are better than neon colors for white trousers. They make the look look light and classy.

Watch out! These styling mishaps happen to us every day

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