Where is the grave of George Michael

Fans shaken: George Michael († 53) has no gravestone

The admirers of George Michael (✝53) have to digest this shock first. The popular musician died unexpectedly of heart failure on December 25, 2016 and left his family, friends and fans in great sadness. The "Last Christmas" interpreter found his final resting place in the infamous Highgate North Land Cemetery in London in 2017 - but there is still a tombstone missing for the "Wham" star!

Like the UK news website Mirror currently reported that the grave of the 53-year-old has still not been decorated with an engraved monument. Fans of the singer would have recently noticed this deficiency with great shock. According to the online portal, it is the regulations to let a grave rest for a year before the memorial is erected - but since George was let into the earth in March 2017, even this rule is now obsolete. Strangely enough, there is no official reason why the monument is still missing.

Like the burial site, the funeral of the singing star in March of last year had already caused major problems: After the funeral had been postponed during the ongoing autopsy, there was a dispute between George's family and his long-term partner Fadi Fawaz (45) until shortly before.

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