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CD inventor Philips criticizes copy protection

In an interview with the "Financial Times Deutschland", Philips spokesman Klaus Petri said: "These are silver discs with music on them that are similar to CDs, but are not." Petri openly stated what tecCHANNEL reported two years ago: Copy-protected music CDs break the CD-DA format and should therefore no longer bear the logo. This also coincides with the legal opinion of media lawyers.

As the owner of most of the patents for CD-DA, Philips does not want to take action against the protection process, according to the report. It is true that the complaints of consumers who could not play the CDs in hi-fi devices increased. But since the Philips patents expire after 20 years in 2002 and 2003, litigation is no longer worthwhile, said Klaus Petri.

He hopes that consumers would boycott the protected discs. In Great Britain this had already led to the fact that copy protection was "no longer an issue", said the Philips spokesman.

Philips could not insist on compliance with the standards on its own anyway. After all, Sony holds an important part of the patents for CD-DA. However, Sony Music, one of the largest record labels, and Sony DADC, one of the largest CD pressing plants in Europe, belong to this group - and discs with key2audio protection are increasingly being produced there.

As a pure hardware manufacturer, Philips is taking a different approach. In an interview with tecChannel.de, Klaus Petri stated that in the future they wanted to recognize new copy protection procedures via software updates for the company's hi-fi CD recorders. The devices should then also be able to make digital copies of the protected CDs. Philips wants to continue to respect the SCMS copy bit set at key2audio as shown in the picture above. With such disks, however, an analog copy is also possible with the Philips duplicators.

This report provides information about the first failed implementation of copy protection. You can find the current status of the protection procedures in this article. And which standards a CD-DA should actually comply with can be found in this basic article. (never)