How can I earn freerunning with parkour

David Belle "The real parkour has to prevail"

How do you distinguish real from fake parkour?
It's very simple: you just have to go out and find the people who are training there without recording yourself with the camera. This is the real parkour.

So what we saw on the show here today isn't real parkour?
The event here is a platform and an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. What I would like to say is that there are young people out there who have a camera with them from the start and want to present themselves and make themselves known. It wasn't like that at all for me at the beginning.

A few years ago I belonged to a small group of beach soccer players who founded an association of their own accord. Shortly thereafter there was another association and later a third. Due to the friction with each other, a lot of energy was lost that would actually have been needed to advance this little, unknown sport. Don't the different groups create similar problems in parkour?
The situation is certainly comparable. There are now people who show up and build structures, want to make money. I wouldn't care if I didn't make any money with it. I know where I come from. My father is the central figure who taught me everything. Some people are sure to get rich with parkour. If I don't, I don't care. I'm about something else.

How will parkour develop in the future?
There will be many centers, clubs that will be formed. Certainly more attention from the movies and cinema, television, video clips and advertising. Most important to me is that true parkour prevails. Of course, this whole media thing is there for people to have fun and make money. That's fine.

There is a lot going on at events like this one. It's loud, a lot of people want interviews and autographs. How does it feel then to be alone in the woods again?
Great. I've always been alone a lot and I like it too. It's part of my life. If I get along well with myself, then I get along well with other people. When I was alone, I am happy to meet people again. That is the basis.

How long do you want to be active?
My body alone decides. If he says that's enough, then I'll stop.

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