Are Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande friends

Will Ariana Grande be the new Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is not only a golden throat in the country business, but also feared by men. Because the beautiful blonde went out musically about each of her ex-friends. Disney princess Ariana Grande ("Sam & Cat") now seems to be following this path. Or is there really a revenge song for your ex-boyfriend?

It's an old gag that gets pulled out again and again and that everyone probably finds funny. With the exception of the victim: Taylor Swift. The country singer is often ridiculed for her changing relationships - and the songs that follow shortly thereafter. Almost every one of her ex-boyfriends seems to have been immortalized musically on one of her albums. A tactic that Ariana Grande might also have copied. At least that's what several American news portals are saying, who are convinced that the "Sam & Cat" actress will deal with a broken heart in a very different way in the future.

Tearful song

This is due to a tweet by the singer and actress who revealed on Twitter that one of the tracks on her new album was so "special and honest" that she always had to fight with tears while singing. The lively Disney star keeps posting little lyrics that suggest that this song is about her ex-boyfriend. But which one exactly: Nathan Sykes or Jai Brooks? Taylor Swift does not have to fear: so far it is not known that there are other songs on the album in which the separation from an ex-boyfriend is discussed.