Is Dr. Phil a sell-out

15 years of DRG - sell-out of medicine?

The introduction of the DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups) in 2003 represented a paradigm shift in the reimbursement system of inpatient medicine. After the gradual privatization of hospitals and the lifting of the profit ban in the 1980s, medicine was economized the introduction of the DRG system so that there is increasing talk of the commercialization, industrialization or dehumanization of medicine today.
All professional groups working in hospitals experience deteriorating working conditions. Health care, which is under increasing time and money pressure, leads to an aggravation of their care situation, also from the patient's point of view.
For some time now, this economicization and commercialization has also been discussed in specialist societies up to and including the German Medical Association. Also with regard to the situation in the care professions, the problem has now reached the public eye as a result of care strikes as well as in the course of the Bundestag election campaign and the formation of a coalition. However, complex programs now have to be started to prevent nursing staff from leaving, to win them back or to poach them from other countries. Minimum staffing levels are to be introduced in order to dampen the effects of the economization policy.
However, the DRG system, which is essentially responsible for the problems, should remain untouched. Rather, in the field of psychosomatics and psychiatry, the PEPP system is already being introduced as the next flat-rate remuneration system.

A fundamental and critical consideration of the DRG system and its effects on the patients, the hospital system as a whole and on all professional groups working in the inpatient area is overdue. The discussion event is aimed at anyone interested in a critical analysis of the current development in health care.

AK Economization in Health Care (An initiative by doctors at the Charité)
Dr. phil. Nadja Rakowitz (Association of Democratic Doctors)
"Hospital instead of factory. Contradictions and consequences of the economization of hospitals"
Dr. med. Günther Jonitz (President of the Berlin Medical Association)
"About the fundamental mistakes of health policy and value-based health care as a way out"

Opportunity for an informal exchange afterwards

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