What are computer scientists doing at Adobe


  • Computer / PC, preferably a notebook, with the most up-to-date equipment possible
  • Mobile device to be able to look something up on the Internet or to be able to take notes
  • Broadband internet access
  • external hard drive with at least 2TB for data backup and, if necessary, data processing
  • USB stick with at least 32 GB for data transport
  • possibly printer
  • possibly scanner

recommended: USB stick for application programs and user profiles

recommended: several external hard drives to back up your student work

Formatting: If you want to use external hard drives and USB sticks on both Windows and Mac systems, you should choose a compatible format (e.g. exFAT)

Freeware and open source software


Open source Office package, Substitute for Microsoft Office:


The GIMP - Open source image manipulation /image editing:


Inkscape - Open source SVG editor / vector graphics program, Substitute for Illustrator:


Scribus - Open source desktop publishing, Substitute for Quark or InDesign:




FlashDevelop - Free Flash Editor with AS2 / 3 support and integration with the Adobe Flash IDE:


Hugin Panorama Photo Stitcher:


Format conversion:


"In the free area 3D software is the only free, serious program "Blender", which is only recommended if you spend a lot of time dealing with the shortcuts and the operation. "

  • http://www.blender.org Open source 3D program with compositing functions, unfortunately this program is not self-explanatory
  • http://students.autodesk.com/ Autodesk currently offers a free student version that can be activated for 3 years upon request with proof of study: 3dsmax, Maya, ...

Immerse yourself in the 3D world of experience (installation on private devices free of charge):

Documentation: it covers how to use every single component in Unity. unity3d.com/company/support/documentation/

Unity Community: an invaluable source of tips, workarounds and general advice. udn.unity3d.com

Asset Store: It stocks thousands of ready-to-use assets, scripts, editors extensions and more. unity3d.com/asset-store/

To Install Unity (Pro), please download and install the latest version (Mac and Windows) here: unity3d.com/unity/download/

You can use the free version at your private computer at home. (license agreement)

It is different from the Unity Pro version that we use for education on some of our FBME computers.



For the Web area there are e.g .:



For the area "Literature quotations " is there e.g. Mozilla Firefox PlugIn "Zotero" or LaTeX.



In the area Video editing there is the following free program that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X:

The open source professional video editing software Lightworks for Windows 7 was presented in c't 02/2011 page 58.

DaVinci Resolve




For your studies, we recommend purchasing your own photo camera with accessories such as a tripod and, if necessary, your own video camera with a tripod and other accessories. Since the models in the camera market are changing rapidly, look what your wallet has to offer. It is better if you have your own simple camera that you can handle well than a model that is too complex.

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