Which is the best video conversion software

The best free video converters

If you're watching videos on a variety of devices, it says there are probably compatibility issues. Your iPhone may be recording 4K video. However, can your PlayStation or Smart TV play the video seamlessly? Fortunately, there are plenty of free video converters out there that you can use to convert and watch your favorite videos on the device of your choice. Here are our top picks.

Handbrake: The best choice for most people (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Handbrake is an open source video converter available for Windows, Mac and Linux based systems. A variety of video and audio formats are supported for conversion. See the image below for the full list.

Handbrake has a number of features that make it the first choice for video conversion software.

The first is the wide range of presets. Even if you don't know anything about video conversion, you can choose a preset and get a pretty good result. You have the option to change the settings of a preset conversion, which makes it even more useful.

The second outstanding feature is a live preview. If you are converting a number of videos and are unsure of the quality of the preset you selected, you can use Live Preview to convert a small section of video. You can then immediately preview the converted clip and decide whether this preset suits your needs, or if you should tinker with the settings or switch to a different preset.

The only downside to Handbrake is that the conversion process is slower than some of the other converters on our list.

CONNECTED:Using Handbrake to convert a video file to any format

Online Conversion: A Simple Online Solution (Web Browser)

Online conversion allows you to convert videos in your browser so that you can use them on any platform.

The process of converting videos to Online-Convert is slightly different from most other sites of this kind. Instead of uploading a file and then choosing the format to convert to, you must first choose a file format. After that, you can upload a file, enter a URL, or select a file from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

You don't get a lot of conversion options like some of the other programs, but it covers the basics. Note that Online-Convert does not display any metadata about the source file you uploaded. This makes it difficult to choose the right settings if you don't know some details about your source file. However, the actual conversion process is pretty quick and you can download the file once it's converted.

Overall, Online-Convert is a great choice for people who don't care about the details and just want to convert the file.

MediaCoder HQ: Fast Conversion (Windows)

Media Encoder HQ is a fantastic video converter, but it's only available for Windows. It's been around since 2005 and it's updated regularly. A variety of formats are also supported, as shown in the following figure.

Media Encoder HQ supports the conversion of local and hosted files. However, using URLs from video streaming websites does not work. For local files, the conversion process is pretty quick thanks to the GPU accelerated transcoding process.

A small disadvantage of Media Encoder is that it is not ideal for beginners. Finding settings is difficult, as is configuring the transcoding process. However, if you know some video conversion basics, you should be able to master them easily enough.

Any Video Converter: A Simple, Intuitive User Interface (Windows, macOS)

Each video converter, or AVC for short, is a different easy-to-use video converter for Windows and Mac. AVC's simple and clear user interface makes it more user-friendly than some of the other converters on our list.

Similar to Handbrake, AVC has numerous presets built into it to take the guesswork out of the editing process. The presets are organized by device type so you can easily find the right preset.

Although AVC is ad-free, during setup you will be prompted to install additional, often unwanted, software. It's easy to miss if you're not careful. So take care.