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Student life - the best time of your life

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What opportunities does student life offer?

Many college graduates describe student days as the best time of their lives. That is not by accident. In student life you can meet new people and gain important experience for your future.

Whether you use campus sports, stand up for the student parliament or immerse yourself in the party scene - the possibilities during your studies are endless. Make the most of student life!

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Campus life

The campus of a university is often like its own small town - there you will find everything you need as a student to learn and live. Including campus sports, parties and culture. As a student, you often get special discounts there, making it easier for you to cover the costs of student life.

Campus sports

Most colleges offer their students a full sports program. For a small fee you can take part in fitness courses and use sports facilities. University sports often allow you to try exotic trend sports such as Krav Maga or Le Parkour. The campus sports are organized by both the universities and the student councils in cooperation with local sports clubs.

Student parties

Student parties are usually organized by the students themselves. Student council parties are particularly popular, when lawyers or business students, for example, organize a party for their fellow students. Many party organizers have specialized in students as a target group and offer appropriate series of parties at low prices.

Music at the college

Every major university has its own student orchestra or choir in which you can bring your musical talent to the fore. The level is often quite high. The university orchestra also plays at festive events. If you like it more unconventional, you can find like-minded people on campus to start your own band.

Cinema and theater on campus

Lecture halls are not only suitable for lectures, they also offer sufficient space and the necessary technology for a film screening. That is why most universities organize cinema for students - with low admission prices. You can also attend theater performances on the student studio stage. Or you will become part of the theater world yourself. The ensembles regularly hold auditions and take on new members.

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Commitment to your studies

On every campus there are countless clubs, associations and working groups that you can join and that welcome every committed new member with open arms. Of course, commitment always means investing time. But the commitment during your studies pays off. You gain experience, can make contacts and receive BAföG for longer on request.

Student Parliament and University Policy

Students can have a say in what happens at their university. There are also committees and institutions made up of the student body. The most important body is the AStA - the general student committee, which is elected by the student parliament (StuPa). For the student parliament you can either stand for election as a member of a student party or via an independent list. Many a political career began in the student parliament.

Student councils

Student councils are the student representatives for certain departments and courses. Here you take care of problems in the organization of the course, for example if there are not enough seminar places. The student councils also organize leisure activities such as student council trips or parties.

Media and university radio stations

Would you like to become a journalist or radio maker? You can already test your skills at university, for example at the student newspaper or the university radio. They are always looking for helping hands and talented pens. The advantage of the student media: Here you can fully live out your creativity and implement crazy ideas - because the number of copies or quota is not the measure of all things here.

Associations, clubs and groups

A wide variety of interests, political views and religions gather on campus. Whether in the gay or lesbian department, in political university groups or home clubs for foreign students - you are not alone on campus and can easily find like-minded people.

Financing the costs of student life: student jobs

A dissolute student life costs money. In addition to the numerous financing options, such as BAföG or educational loans, student jobs are one of the most important sources of income. The advantage for students who work alongside the university: You only have to pay a small amount of income tax and you are not yet liable for social security up to a certain level of your salary. In addition to the additional income, a student job also enables you to gain valuable practical experience. This looks good on your résumé and gives you your first contacts in the world of work.

There are also often student jobs at the university. As a so-called student assistant (SHK) you support lecturers and professors by, for example, taking on simple office work or creating Power Point presentations. SHKs often work in the library or support their fellow students as tutors. If you want to embark on an academic career and later work as a research assistant and do a doctorate, a student job at the university is a first step in the right direction.

Student life as a distance student

You can also enjoy student life in distance learning. You don't have a campus on site, but there are virtual alternatives: In the online campus you can chat with your fellow students, exchange ideas in the forum and set up study groups. Face-to-face seminars also make it easier for you to make contact with other students. As a distance student, you also enjoy discounts like any other student. You can take advantage of special tariffs and take on student jobs.