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IT quality assurance seminars


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IT quality assurance training

IT projects can take on enormous dimensions in terms of the use of employees, resources or costs. Unfortunately, what sometimes falls short here is the quality. This initially quite broad term refers to values ​​such as "durability", "freedom from defects" or "stability", which are sometimes neglected in the development phase for cost reasons, but which can be changed very quickly due to follow-up costs in the form of complaints, necessary rework, etc. can avenge.

The fundamental aspects of quality, quality management and quality assurance are explained to you in our overview seminar "Quality Management". In addition, you will be introduced to constructive measures for quality assurance such as QA traffic light procedures or QA checklists, supplemented by analytical measures for quality assurance such as project reviews or walkthroughs.

You can get an overview of the more recent process models for quality assurance recognized in the field of software development in the course "Process models and evaluation methods". How you can not only increase software quality with the help of reviews, but also increase the productivity of software projects, can be found in the quality assurance training "Review technique".

IT quality assurance seminars

With the norms ISO 9000/9001 or ISO 9126, international quality management principles and guidelines for the development, delivery and maintenance of products have been available for years. For large-scale IT projects, the ISO 9000: 3 standard is of particular interest, which specifically relates to the manufacture and use of software products. The requirements formulated there in detail include, for example, internal quality audits, corrective measures, tests and quality records, etc.

You will get an overview of ISO 9001: 2000 together with all other important basics in our seminar "Quality Management". In our advanced courses on quality assurance in IT, we familiarize you with additional methods and techniques of quality management, with process models and various evaluation methods.

In our quality assurance training courses, we will show you the most important techniques of test planning, test management and test organization, teach you the methodical implementation of GUI tests, familiarize you with the basics of software ergonomics and much more.