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Who earns how much in IT?

They are seen as solitary masterminds who prefer to sit in front of the computer and solve equations than go to parties. Types who can speak several programming languages, but are not able to have a normal everyday conversation. And of course never got a girl.

Nerds are on the rise, however, because the lack of experts is causing the IT industry to tremble. Even lateral entrants are said to have good opportunities. And the salaries are also impressive, as a current infographic from shows. However, not all IT activities are paid equally well.

A look at an average German system house shows that top earners are managing directors with around 168,000 euros. Becoming a boss is worthwhile: Anyone who takes on a managerial position can look forward to a substantial increase in salary. Performance positions and sought-after qualifications are still paid well above average. But bosses also have more responsibility and usually work more. Personnel responsibility is also noticeable in the salary of an IT manager: it comes to an average of around 111,000 euros per year.

This is followed by IT project managers with around 66,000 euros and product managers with 62,500 euros. IT consultants and employees in IT security earn around 59,000 euros a year. Java developers go home with 47,500 euros. Those who work in IT training earn around 47,600 euros. System and network administrators come to 38,500 euros and employees in user support to 36,000 euros.


These are all average earnings, because factors such as company size, industry or region still play a role. When it comes to company size, the following rule of thumb applies: the larger the company, the higher the remuneration.



The situation is similar with the regional differences. Munich (15.9 percent above average) has the highest salaries, followed by Frankfurt am Main (14.5 percent). In other parts of Germany, salaries are significantly lower than the national average.



It is also decisive which industry someone works in: This shows that IT specialists at banks and financial service providers, in the energy industry, at consulting companies and in the automotive industry earn above-average earnings. Other sectors such as advertising, media, public administration, authorities, health care or wholesale, on the other hand, pay significantly worse.



So there are good prospects for IT specialists, because they are in short supply on the German job market. The IT industry is booming. Those who have the required qualifications have the best career prospects and can earn above-average earnings.


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