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7 TEDx Talks in German that will help you get ahead in life

TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design), which originated in California as innovation conferences, are now available worldwide. All over the world, free, local events are organized as part of the TEDx program, at which passionate speakers make whole masses rethink - and later also in TED videos on YouTube. Here are our recommendations for inspiring TEDx talks in German. After all, you never stop learning!

Lars Bobach | Time management? Such nonsense ...

You think time management is the be-all and end-all, nobody is fooling you? This attitude can maneuver into a dead end or even cause burnout. The solution: good self-management as a navigator for life. Lars Bobach reveals exactly how it looks in this inspiring TEDx video. He is an entrepreneur, author, blogger and productivity fanatic who was awarded the title “Founder of the Year” by Impulse magazine in 2006 - and speaks from experience.

Veit Etzold | The art of storytelling

There are worlds between facts and stories. According to Veit Etzold, well-told stories, including false stories, usually work better than true, but boring facts. That's the superior power of storytelling. In a funny and exciting TED talk in German, the writer will tell you which components make up this. So nothing stands in the way of your script that has been played through in your head for a long time or your potential book bestseller.

Bert Helbig | Listen! Me! To! Why we love good communication

In 2013 Bert Helbig spoke about communication at the TEDx event in Stuttgart. He comes from the radio medium, advises radio producers on effective tools and transfers them to everyday business life. Bert Helbig gives tips to those who want to convince their work colleagues with a project or even their boss to raise their salaries. So become a super communicator with the help of the 13-minute video that changes your speech behavior.

Michael M. Gielnik | How founders are born

Do you have a brilliant idea but don't think you're a born founder? After this TED video, this idea will hopefully be over. Michael M. Gielnik, who has interesting things to say about personality traits, studied psychology and is professor for human resources, especially human resource development at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. The example of Janet, who runs an IT company thanks to a training course, steers in a positive direction.

Alexander Hartmann | The neurology of success

Not only is the characteristically high hairstyle captivating, Alexander Hartmann is also one of the most successful hypnotists in Europe and Germany's leading hypnosis trainer. In the TEDx Talk from Albstadt, he reports in German about the driving force in all of us: the subconscious. The force that controls 90 percent of feelings, actions and results. According to Hartmann, nothing is uncontrollable. But on the contrary. Here he shows us which techniques are available so that the subconscious no longer stands in the way, but is the driving force.

Maike van den Boom | The secret to happy societies

The author, speaker, consultant and trainer Maike van den Boom took a tour of the 13 happiest countries in the world to find out why the people there consider themselves much happier than the Germans. She got in touch with scientists, correspondents and passers-by on site and is now talking about her results in the TEDx Talk on stage. It's about lived values. And about the fact that our country needs to be actively rethought. Maybe find your key to happiness in the 20 minutes!

Wieland Stolzenburg | The solution lies within you: why you make your own feelings

Relationship psychologist and bestselling author Wieland Stolzenburg held a lecture in front of an audience in Münster in 2017, in order to give a fifteen-minute lecture on "personal responsibility for one's own feelings". He has the "milk carton model" in his luggage. He conveys who actually made your feelings. The "outside" or you? The eye-opening answer is in the video.