When will BTS split up

30 day challenge info

Tomorrow (02/02/2018 because I won't be able to do it tomorrow, I'll give up the first two days) the new challenge will finally start, I just wanted to tell a little in advance about how I will roughly design it.

1. The winning 'couple' are Suga & Jimin

2. I will try to find the pictures / gifs / videos that I used as a ship of the two and then use them.

3. If I have to miss a day because I can't get it ready in time, I will upload two on the next day.

4. There will of course be a few changes, so in the last few days I created a new: Challenge days listing "picture: arrow_down:

With your help, I managed to fill the last three days: innocent: Thank you again for that

Here is the result

of the polls, I'll just split the last day so there are two topics shouldn't be enough for one to be found on my phone.