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14.08.2015. Pear-shaped and sexless: In the world tells the author Miranda July by normal people. In the NZZ waiting Cees Nooteboom to an audience with the Pope and meanwhile talks to him Arvo Pärt. FR and night review wonder about that Salzburg audience, the one at "Mackie Messer" clapped along. In The filter criticizes book author Stefan Goldmann the Craft term in electronic music. The film critics fall in love with Amy Schumer.
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In the worldAnne Waak talks to the American author Miranda Julywho has just published her first "wonderful" novel: "The first nasty guy". July, known as a screenwriter for somewhat deranged female characters, says that she always tries, "normal people to show how I meet her again and again. People like Cheryl: pear-shaped, with a job for a non-profit and not too many relationships. And that seems like a good approach to me because you assume it's not complicated, not passionate, and no sex life Has. So everything that person thinks is likely to be somehow surprising. "

in the time-Blog free textportrayedTanja Maljartschuk meanwhile one completely normal Ukrainians: "Born during Khrushchev's rule, grew up during Brezhnev's. Studied well. Worked hard. He hoped during the Orange Revolution and was shocked to remain silent during the Maidan. For war is he too old for dementia too young. He thinks about a lot, meets strange people with whom he analyzes the latest news from the front and from Kiev, tells the boys he knows not to hide from the army, because what kind of state it is that does not defend itself could? When the boys soon in the coffin come back, he is silent again or tells the woman to go shit. "

Other articles: In an interview with the Rheinische Post acknowledges Büchner Prize winners Jürgen Becker: "A editorial in a newspaper has more influence on me than a poem German romance. "Jakob Hayner talks to the literary scholar in Jungle World Jörg Döring and the educationalist Rolf Seubert on the controversy raised by recent research, whether Alfred Andersch actually deserted during World War II. Gerrit Bartels equips for the Daily mirror the Structure of the publishing house, which is celebrating its seventieth anniversary these days, pay a visit. The FRbrings a narrative of Rawi Hage, who has a geologist warn of a disaster in Beirut in 2028. In addition, the FAZ Hannes Hintermeier's feature about the book collector, which was previously reserved for print Reinhard Wittmann released.

Also in the FAZ Felicitas Lovenberg presents interesting new publications this autumn: special recommendations apply Jane Gardams "An impeccable man", Zeruya Shalevs "Pain", Dorothy Bakers "Two sisters", Eleanor Cattons "The stars", Jenny Erpenbecks "Go, went, gone" and Silvia Bovenschens "Sarah's Law" - for Lovenberg the "most exhilarating and cleverest, most tender and resonant book of this season".

Be discussed Lily Kings "Euphoria" (taz), Gary Shteyngarts Autobiography "Little Failure" (Berlin newspaper),Peter Høegs "The Susan Effect" (SZ, more) and a band of materials for the 60th birthday of Roger Willemsen (FAZ).
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Marie-Sophie Adeoso talks in the FR with the South African artist Sam Nhlengethwa. The big exhibition is discussed North Korean art in the Dutch Drents Museum (world).


Amy Schumer, left, and Tilda Swinton, made up beyond recognition, in "Dating Queen"

The film review is completely in love with Amy Schumer, in the eyes of SZ-Critic Annett Scheffel the "funniest woman in America", which also has a lot to offer in terms of feminism. From this week on, it will not be the last in this country Youtube well-known stand-up comedian can be seen in her first film: in the one written by Schumer, by Judd Apatow staged yesterday in the taz Comedy "Die Dating-Queen", already reviewed by Ekkehard Knörer. Although the film ultimately tells how Schumer's character from polygamy to mr. Right thinks he's not "that conservative", says Michael Kienzl von critic.de: "Amy's deep-seated skepticism towards traditional family plans is never completely relieved. It is less the basic constellation of father-mother-child that strikes her than that hypocritical masquerade, behind which abysses are hidden. "

Julia Bähr is happy in the FAZ about the fact that in this case Schumer can actually look like a woman in her mid-thirties who has already partied properly in her life: "This normalcy is a minor revolution. "And for Lisa-Maria Röhling (Daily mirror) Schumer and Apatow are simply "one." Dream Team"- despite the cheesy end of the film. In the FR Daniel Kothenschulte recommends the film.

More: In the new podcast by critic.deLukas Foerster and Frédéric Jaeger talk about their impressions of the film festival in Locarno. The FAZ has Verena Lueken's text about the Peckinpah-Retro in Locarno submitted online later. Wim Wenders on the seventieth congratulations Josef NagelNZZ), Verena Lueken (FAZ) and Ulf Poschardt (world), who would like to see an unpredictable late work. Also worth reading: a tribute to Wenders Pearl divers Thierry Chervel on the occasion of this year's Berlinale.

Be discussed Guy Ritchie's 60s comedy "Codename U.N.C.L.E." (Daily mirror, Pearl divers)andFlorian Cossens Coming-of-age film "Coconut Hero" (Daily mirror, Berlin newspaper).
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Judith von Sternburg (FR) is according to the panned in the SZ and FAZ (see yesterday's ivy) by Julian Crouchs "Mackie Messer" production in Salzburg anything but impressed: "That the Haifisch-Song, the conductor Holger Kolodziej once again tenderly and respectfully served up as an encore, by several premiere guests in all seriousness as Invitation to clap along was understood, was shocking, but consistent. There is no lack of respect because the word has just been spoken, but the result is still a kind accidental insolence compared to the work of the composer. "In the night reviewReinhard Kriechbaum criticizes the "perfectly good" performance.

More articles: Johan Simons, the new director of the Ruhrtriennale, is delighted in an interview with the world about the work in the empty industrial halls, where he is currently an adaptation of Pasolinis "Accatone" is rehearsing. In the FAZ writes Andreas Rossmann about the imposing Lohberg colliery in Dinslaken, where the Ruhrtriennale begins.

A performance with young refugees will be discussed at Impulse dance (Press) and Nicola Porporas Baroque opera "Il Germanico" at the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music (Press, default),
Keywords:Brecht, Bertolt, Crouch, Julian, Impulstanz, Innsbruck Festival of Early Music, Ruhrtriennale, Salzburg Festival, Simons, Johan, Weill, Kurt, Early Music, Baroque Opera


In the NZZtellsCees Nooteboomhow he - waiting for an audience with the Pope - in the Sistine Chapel next door Arvo Pärt sat and asked him a question that had bothered him for a long time: Listen up music lovers the same things as one professional? "The Estonian composer, who may be a mystic, smiled at me and told me it didn't matter, I should just take in the music so I would hear what the composer meant. Maybe he was just being polite, maybe the question is a lot more complicated, but I felt that he was serious about what he said about it relieved me."

Presets, i.e. sounds defined ex works, do not have a good reputation in the electronic scene. For The filterhas Malte Kobel with Stefan Goldmann who wrote a book about it. In the debates about presets, the author misses a more complex examination of music: "The use of presets - or even refusal - seems to be an unreflected criterion for certain music devalue. ... The question is: why? On the other hand, something that requires a lot of programming effort should automatically be culturally very valuable: complex Max-MSP patches, blatant FFT nesting, granular synthesis. At some point there will be your own electronic craft term emerged, which in its simplicity turns out no different from that Virtuoso culture of conventionally produced music. Aphex Twins glitch orgies are something like Mariah Carey's five octaves vocal range. Joe Satriani plays more notes per second than Jimmy Page, so he's the better guitarist. You can start well and present this debate accordingly. "

Others: Im Senegal the messages are sent via Youtube Performed in verse by rappers, Jana Sotzko reports in the Jungle World. For SkugHeinrich Deisl speaks to the members of the industrial bands Throbbing Gristle and Nurse With Wound. Julika Bickel talks in the taz with the archaeologist Nicholas Conard above the oldest musical instruments in the world. For The QuietusJulian Marzsalek was at the Off-Festival in Katowice, Poland. Riccardo Chailly becomes the new chief conductor of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, reports Christian Wildhagen in the NZZ. New electronic pop music with piano Christoph Wagner listens to the Grandbrothers, Hauschka, Nils Frahm and Ephrem Lüchinger for them NZZ. Andreas Hartmann portrays in Daily mirror the Turkish musician Nene Hatunwho mixes Anatolian influences with techno-pop in Berlin-Kreuzberg. On Soundcloudcan you listen to it more closely:

The new album will be discussed by Dr. Dre (time, NZZ), other new hip-hop releases (The Quietus), the album "Death Magic" by Health (taz),Tilman Baumgartels Study "Loops: On the history and aesthetics of the loop" (taz) and the most recent concerts at Young Euro Classics Festival in Berlin (Daily mirror).
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