What is capital in agriculture



Part of primary production in which soil and livestock are involved as factors of production alongside labor, capital and know-how; Part of agriculture and forestry. If mainly wood is produced, it is Forestry; however, silviculture can also be an agricultural subsidiary. Classification purer Animal breeding and fattening companies in agriculture is not entirely unproblematic under the criterion that agricultural production is ground-based; In terms of market regulations, however, the products belong to agricultural production. Horticultural products are also largely covered by the agricultural market regulations; the horticulture However, it is usually more labor and capital intensive and more specialized. The boundaries between horticulture, agricultural fruit production and field vegetable growing are fluid.

Commercial law

Organic use of the land for the production of useful plants (except trees) and farm animals and their products, e.g. arable farming and viticulture. Agriculture also includes the transformation of plant and animal products, but not mining.

The Owner of a farm can become a merchant both with regard to the agricultural company and with regard to an ancillary business related to agriculture by being entered in the commercial register (ยง 3 HGB).