Al Capone was a family man


He is one of the most notorious crime bosses in the world: John Gotti, the Italian-American mobster from New York. In the 1980s, he became the head of the Gambino family, the largest of the five New York mafia clans, and thus the most influential gangster boss in the metropolis.


John Gotti's childhood

After Al Capone, John Gotti is probably the best-known member of the Cosa Nostra, the American offshoot of the Italian mafia. Gotti was born in 1940 and grew up in the New York borough of Queens. From a young age, Gotti focused on making a living doing crime. His entire family, including five brothers, would later follow this example and also get into organized crime.


The rapid ascent

Thanks to his criminal coups, Gotti quickly rose to become a respected member of the Gambino family, which belonged to the mafia. Drug deals and acts of violence were the result. With a devious assassination, Gotti finally managed to head the family after he had the previous head shot. However, this was not welcomed by the other families within the Cosa Nostra, as he had not obtained the necessary consent from them in advance. His preference for the public was also a thorn in their side, because with newspaper interviews and television appearances, Gotti drew attention not only to himself, but also to his criminal background.


The arrest

For years, despite his numerous crimes and public appearances, he could not be tried because the evidence and testimony were missing. That changed in 1992, however, when former family members turned against Gotti and testified against him in court. Gotti was then arrested and put in solitary confinement. But even from prison he remained the head of the Gambino family and continued to run the business until he died of throat cancer in 2002.


John Gotti as a family man

John Gotti always made it a point to spend time with family. He and his wife had a total of four children together. However, his son Franky died in a traffic accident at the age of only 12. John A. Gotti, also known as Junior Gotti, was considered an underboss during the 1990s after his father went to prison in 1992. In the documentary series"John Gotti: The Legacy of a Mafioso" John Gotti Jr. and his siblings report for the first time about their lives as children of a crime boss. Exclusive footage also shows the last encounter between John Gotti Jr. and his terminally ill father in prison.


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