What is a printer url

If you choose IPP as the protocol:

In the Add Port dialog box, click [IPP].

The IPP setting dialog box opens.

To specify the printer's IP address, enter "http: // printer's IP address / printer" or "ipp: // printer's / printer's IP address" in the [Printer URL] box.

(Example: The IP address is

If necessary, enter the name to identify the printer in the [IPP port name] box. Enter a name other than one of the existing port names.

If you do not enter this, the address entered in the [Printer URL] field will be used as the IPP port name.

If a proxy server and IPP user name are used, click [Detail. Settings] and make the necessary settings.

Click OK].

Close the Printer Ports dialog box.

Check the path for the selected printer, and then click [Close].