What is the weather like in September in Vancouver

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Vancouver is located on the southwest coast of Canada and is one of the Canadian cities with the mildest weather. The Kuroshio Current (also called Japan Current) provides warmth from the Pacific side, and the Coast Mountains at the back of the city keep the very cold air from the east in winter.

Thanks to the Japan current, im in Vancouver winter for Canada relatively mild daytime temperatures. The average daily highs are between 6 and 8 degrees. Snow doesn't fall often by Canadian standards. Against are November and December with an average of 17 rainy days each rainiest Months of the year. At the it rains most often between November and March. During this time it can rain for 20 days in a row (especially when a current of air brings warm and humid air from Hawaii to Vancouver). All year round you have to reckon with 166 rainy days in Vancouver.
In winter it can be over Vancouver too Storm come

If the spring (March to May) replaces the rainy winter, the sun is more frequent with four to eight hours of sunshine a day. This has a positive effect on the average maximum daily temperature (up to 18 degrees in May). The precipitation is lower compared to winter. At night, temperatures drop to three degrees in March and eight degrees in May.

The summer in Vancouver is considered to be dry. Sea breezes make the daytime temperatures of 19 degrees in June and 22 degrees in July and August seem pleasant. With an average of nine hours of sunshine a day, it is not too humid. Thus, these two summer months are among the warmest of the year.

in the autumn to step Storms more often on. Thunderstorms and hail rarely accompany the winds. Daytime temperatures drop from 18 degrees in September to 9 degrees in November. From September night temperatures drop from 10 degrees to 3 degrees.


Weather in Vancouver

Weather in Vancouver: Temperatures and rainfall for Vancouver, Canada are taken from the yr.no website and provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The forecasts are updated four times a day.


Best time to visit Vancouver

The mild weather in Vancouver, unlike in other regions of Canada, allows travel in four seasons. But if you want to avoid the rain, this is the place for you Summer from June to August the best travel time.

Also in September it's not cool yet, but it's starting to rain again more often. An umbrella should always be with you in the changeable weather in Vancouver.


Climate table Vancouver

Climate in Vancouver

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