Who is your favorite black president?

US Democratic primaries: New momentum for the old one

Joe Biden wins his first ever US primary. Afro-Americans and old people secure victory for the Sanders rival.

What if I press on here? Joe Biden admires modern technology in South Carolina Photo: Elizabeth Frantz / Reuters

NEW YORKtaz | Joe Biden won a US primary election for the first time in his life. The former Vice President of the United States, who is making his third attempt at the White House this season, received almost 49 percent of the vote in the US Democratic primary in South Carolina on Saturday according to the current count. He was way above Bernie Sanders, who came to almost 20 percent.

Number three with a little over eleven percent was the Californian billionaire and climate activist Tom Steyer. After campaigning for eight months and investing more than $ 200 million, Steyer ended his campaign on Saturday evening. The remaining three candidates - Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar - only scored in the single digits.

In South Carolina, the majority of the Democratic Party voters are African American and their favorite president is still Barack Obama. The fact that Biden worked as a vice president under a black boss for eight years opened many hearts to him in the state. Three out of five African American voters in South Carolina voted for Biden.

But the strongest argument in favor of Biden was the election recommendation he received two days before the primaries from longtime black Democrat Jim Clyburn, who has been in the US House of Representatives for South Carolina since 1993. A large part of the electorate made their decision only after Clyburn said: "Vote Joe, my close friend of 25 years".

By the time the Primaries took place in South Carolina on Saturday, all Afro-Americans, the only Latino and the only Asian-American had already left the field of candidates, which originally looked as diverse as the US population.

Shortly before he made his election recommendation for Biden, Clyburn had criticized that only white candidates are in the running. In interviews, he suspected that the field of candidates would be different if the first primaries took place in South Carolina and not in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. The first two states in the series are predominantly white, the third - Nevada - has a strong Latino minority.

Now comes Super Tuesday

South Carolina has put 77-year-old Biden back in the headlines, previously declared politically dead. On the evening of the election, he thanked the voters profusely. “The Biden family loves South Carolina,” he said. Immediately afterwards, Clyburn and several other officials from the centrist wing of the Democratic Party, including Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, announced their immediate support for Biden.

But it is unclear whether Biden, who had a weak election campaign until Saturday and disappointed in campaign appearances and democratic television debates, can still become the centrist leader with whom the party leadership would like to campaign against Donald Trump. And the time until Super Tuesday on March 3rd is extremely short.

On this day, 14 US states, including California and Texas, as well as the territory of Samoa will vote at the same time, around 1400 delegate places for the Democrats' congress in July will be allocated - for a majority for a nomination as a presidential candidate, at least 1991 delegates are required. So far, Sanders is in first place with 53 delegates, Biden in second place with 41 delegates.

It is one of the many unpredictability of Super Tuesday that the name of the multi-billionaire and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg will be on the ballot papers for the first time. Bloomberg has already put around half a billion dollars into its campaign. Just like Biden, Buttigieg and Klobuchar, he too hopes for the voices of the centrists.

“Congratulations to the Vice President,” said Sanders on Saturday evening from a campaign event in Virginia. Then he warned his supporters that they would not win everywhere and that they would have to be prepared for further electoral slips.

As in the three previous states, the Democratic socialist Sanders won the largest group of voters under 30 in South Carolina - he got 43 percent of them, against 26 percent of the boys for Biden. For those over 65, however, Biden received 64 percent of all votes.