What is an outdoor LED display

7 Technical Tips Build the Successful Outdoor LED Display


When it comes to outdoor advertising and displays, there is no better way to promote your brand than outdoor LED display.

With LED video wall technology evolving over many years, the outdoor LED display produces bold, bright, crystal clear, efficient, affordable and functional colors that are far better than traditional printed advertising materials. While indoor LED displays are widely used in stores, malls, schools, hospitals, and restaurants, business owners are realizing that outdoor displays can be used to convey information, drive traffic, attract the eye, and increase sales.

For those looking to take advantage of this new LED technology outdoors, here are some vital pieces of information you should know to ensure that you are creating the successful outdoor LED screen.

1, Choose the right hardware for your display

Some outdoor displays are only suitable for certain climates. If you are in a seasonal area that is exposed to very high temperatures or extremely cool temperatures, consider choosing a full-fledged outdoor LED screen that can withstand direct sunlight, drastic temperature changes or heavy dust, terrible humidity and condensation.

Sometimes in extreme conditions, you can put a protective glass on the surface of the LED screen to provide double protection. Make sure the materials are protected against salt corrosion when the LED display is outdoors near the ocean.

You can have peace of mind when you've built a successful outdoor weatherproof LED display board, no matter how hot or cold all year round.

2, routine maintenance for the whole led screen system

An outdoor LED video wall can suffer damage over time from climate change, accidents, and natural weather. Routine maintenance of the cabling, display gasket, case, power supply, and support frame is essential to ensure that the display doesn't grow into major problems from minor issues outdoors. Keeping your screen healthy for years is the foundation of a successful investment.

3, fitting HVAC system inside an outdoor exhibition enclosure

For long-term work properly, outdoor LED displays need an optimal environment that ensures a stable indoor temperature. The operating temperature inside the housing is between -15 ° C and + 30 ° C. In order to avoid overheating problems such as differences in brightness, color distortions, pixel deterioration and the impairment of other components, it is crucial to have an HVAC system (heating, ventilation and Air conditioning).

4, protection from damage in bad weather

If water gets into the case and builds up moisture in it, the display outdoors can fail, gradually deteriorate, and become completely damaged. The IP protection class on your supplier's technical data sheet provides information about water resistance and protection against solid objects. But sometimes there is no real test data again. Look for outdoor LED displays with an integrated air circulation system that completely isolates the display unit from moisture and dust.


5, remote monitoring led displays

If you can remotely control your LED displays in another city, it will be very easy for you to publish the content and manage the schedule for playing. In addition, by remotely monitoring the LED screen, you can monitor status, review alerts, and take quick action to correct potential problems before a major problem occurs due to a worse condition. With this remote control function it becomes an idea for an outdoor LED display.

6, best location for an outdoor advertising screen

Firstly, the location is very important for advertising purposes in order to attract more and more potential customers.

The outdoor LED displays are mostly placed in high-traffic locations such as highways, street intersections or in front of shopping malls, entertainment venues, subway entrances, etc. They were perfect for reaching potential customers and stimulating buyers.

Second, in direct sunlight or under an awning, the minimum brightness for the LED outdoor screen is decisive. And if there is vandalism, installing the LED display in the urban outdoor area can be another problem for you.

7, the brightness of the outdoor led display

In any case, your outdoor display should be clearly visible. High brightness with high contrast can be crucial in grabbing passers-by's attention, piquing their interests and creating an unforgettable brand impression.

Are you looking for help with your outdoor LED display?

Without expertise in LED display technology, it can be difficult to find the most suitable screen for outdoor use. The faulty screen may not be TRUE IP65 and will not adjust the brightness automatically.

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