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Gebi's ranch

Organic free-range geese from purely organic farming

In summer they can be heard from afar - our organic free-range geese leave the barn first thing in the morning to enjoy their run on the spacious meadows of Gebi's ranch. When our goslings are one day old, they come to us in a warm stable littered with fine straw. Here they grow up carefully under the heat lamp for five weeks. From day one we only give our chicks organic grain feed with little corn, which comes from the Göweil mill in Engerwitzdorf Upper Austria. From the first week of life, we give them hand-cut green fodder so that they can get used to it and use it better.

The goose eggs are laid in Zell am Pettenfirst Upper Austria in our parent company, which is a member of Austrian Weidegansist. The hatchery is located in Neukirchen an der Vöckla.

As early as the second week, our little geese have their first run outside. From about the fifth week on, when the sun is shining, they are only on the meadow all day and enjoy the exercise with fresh grass, flowing spring water and healthy grain. From the eighth week of life, the geese spend with full plumage - and thus resistant to rain and wind - in the wild on the pasture. Day and night. In this way, the free-range goose also helps us as a sustainable livestock to cultivate our extensive grassland. After more than 20 weeks, our geese are ready: Their slow growth with lush meadow greens and organic grain feed make their dark, low-fat meat particularly firm and aromatic. It is characterized by a minimum of water and particularly low frying loss.

You can taste it with the first bite. It's best to ask about your martini goose or roast goose for Christmas today. We only have our organic free-range geese slaughtered by certified butchers from the region, with a slaughter weight of around 4 - 6 kg. Your organic goose will then be waiting to be picked up in Wolfurt (Bahnhofstraße 8a) after it has been taken out and prepared ready to cook.

We want the animals to be all around well with us. That is why we operate certified organic agriculture on Gebi's ranch. This is what we stand for!

Sabrina and Gebhard Hopfner, Gebi's Ranch