Can we start a body positivity thread

Bodypositivy or Bodyshaming ... the fine line

To say something about it anyway, because I have also dealt more and more with body positivity:

I have never come across any glorification of any kind.
To be honest, I don't know why it always has to be included.
What I read and see:
Everyone is equally valuable, no matter how fat or thin. Every body is worth the same. Weight does not determine worth, respect, ability, or kindness.
Fat women are just as beautiful as thin women.

There is nothing glorifying, glorifying, or anything like that about it.

And: no matter what size you wear, no matter what is on the scales: it doesn't give other people the right to rate or comment on your body. And that's exactly what happens quickly when it comes to glorifying obesity. How many actually unhealthily overweight people don't know what this could mean for their health? Why do you have to explain that? I think most of them are painfully aware of this and there is no need for an external assessment, which tends to be hurtful.
We do not need to start a discussion here about how dangerous obesity, for example, is. What's the point? And which overweight woman then feels invited to take part?

Everyone should do what he or she wants, but of course that triggers

And: why not talk about the consequences of being underweight in the same way? About diets, from a glorification of the weight loss culture on the way to the perfect figure? About the danger of slipping into an eating disorder? From the psychological pressure? Why is none of this an issue, but obesity is it? It's not any more dangerous.
Anecdote: People with a BMI who are slightly overweight have a higher life expectancy than those of normal weight. Why don't you talk about it? What does that tell us?

By glorifying obesity, I would understand, for example, “you have the perfect figure”, “everyone should look like you”, “wow, goals ". Honestly, how often do you come across this? And in comparison, how often do you hear innocent people judge how dangerous this glorification is? At which point should you start?

We are still a long way from having a healthy attitude towards weight and body, body positivity is rather new and must be fought for. So why exactly should one look away from it to judge other bodies AGAIN?

And: the visibility of fat people is extremely important and good. To convey a healthy image, to convey diversity and acceptance. It's pretty much analogous to the visibility of women or people of color.

So. Sorry. But I am even triggered without it necessarily affecting me personally.