How can I relieve my seasickness

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If all the good preparation did not help and the symptoms of seasickness occur, there are various remedies that can alleviate the symptoms:

1. Ginger

Thin slices, cut directly from the raw root, as tea or in capsule form. If you ingest ginger, the susceptibility to seasickness should be reduced. Although ginger is considered a harmless natural remedy, its intake should still be discussed with the doctor or pharmacist in advance. If you have stomach problems or gallstones, you should refrain from consuming the root.

2. Mint

If you drip mint oil on a carrier, e.g. on a handkerchief or cotton wool, fanning and inhaling can alleviate the onset of symptoms. Mostly this method is used on ships in Asian countries because it is an inexpensive and effective method.

3. Homeopathic remedies:

The effect of spheres, so-called globules, has already been proven by experience reports. However, the intake should be started preventively or soon after the first symptoms, as otherwise the effectiveness could be limited. Your family doctor, alternative practitioner or pharmacist should be consulted to determine the correct preparation and dosage.

4. Acupuncture

If an experienced acupuncturist sets the needles, it can be very effective against seasickness. This can be done in advance as a permanent needle or only when the first symptoms appear. In addition, acupressure also has a positive influence on the course of the disease. The so-called acupressure band can be bought in advance or on larger ships. This is worn on the wrist and achieves good results through continuous stimulation.

5. Chewing gum superpep

This chewing gum is available from pharmacies without a prescription. The active ingredients act on the vomiting center and inhibit the histamine receptors. Nevertheless, you should speak to a doctor or pharmacist about possible interactions with other preparations.

6. Seasickness patch

The patch is placed behind the ear. The active ingredient anticholinergic relieves symptoms. However, it should be borne in mind that the patch has side effects, such as impaired perception, and that it causes strong interactions with other active substances. It is therefore advisable to clarify with the doctor or pharmacist in advance whether the use can take place without hesitation.

7. Medicines

Most seasickness medicines have fatigue as a side effect. Here it should be weighed how much the suffering is due to the symptoms and whether one would like to accept drowsiness and sleepiness for it. It is imperative to seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist in order to rule out possible interactions with other agents.

If there is increased vomiting, even tablets in the form of swallowing will not help. Then you have to use suppositories.

As you can see, there are a number of things that can be done to alleviate the symptoms. The prospect of the next few days often helps. In most cases the symptoms subside relatively quickly as the body gets used to the waves. This is also the reason why when you go ashore you have the feeling that the earth is swaying.