Who is Alakshmi

Lakshmi - the goddess of luck and wealth

The Hindu goddess of happiness and beauty is Lakshmi.
In this capacity she is the giver of wealth,
spiritual well-being, of harmony, of abundance and abundance.
Lakshmi is considered the protector of plants.

As the consort of the god Vishnu, she is also his Shakti,
that is the sustaining power.


Pictures of Lakshmi show her with the lotus, the clam, the pot with the immortality potion Amrita and a bilva fruit.

In another appearance she appears as the goddess Bhumidevi (personification of the earth, as buddhi (knowledge) and siddhi (success and perfection).

Lakshmi is closely related to Ganesh.
As Annapurna, that is, the one who nourishes, she wears a bundle of ears as a symbol of fertility.

As the goddess Maya, she appears as the illusion of the universe.

It is interesting that its name is closely related to the Indo-European language family etymologically. The Swedish goddess of light is Luci, the Latin word for light is Lux, the English word for luck is luck. All of these terms are the attributes of the Hindu goddess.


Their holy day is Thursday.
On this day, she is traditionally worshiped primarily by married women with prayers and offerings. Lakshmi is considered the protector of women and every woman is seen as a manifestation of Lakshmi.


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