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Ken Kaneki

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Ken Kaneki

Haise Sasaki


Japanese name

金 木 研 (か ね き け ん)

佐 々 木 琲 世 (さ さ き は い せ)


Also known as

eye patch

The black grim reaper
Number 240
One-eyed king
Nameless king



20th of December

April 2nd (as Haise Sasaki)



College student (formerly)

Part-time waiter (formerly)
Ghoul Investigator (formerly)

Characteristics as a ghoul

Unique properties

Claw Bearer (Incomplete)

Stand at the CCG

first appearance

Voice actor


Natsuki Hanae

Yurie Kobori (as a child)

Voice Actor

Austin Tindle

Leah Clark (as a child)


Ricardo Richter

Oliver Szerkus (as a child)

I'm not a fictional hero ... I'm a student who loves reading books ... But if you ... wrote a book about me ... it would be ... a tragedy ...

—Ken Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 1

Ken Kaneki (金 木 研, Kaneki Ken) is the main protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul: right. He was once a person who studied Japanese literature at Kamii University and lived a relatively normal life. However, this changed after Liz Kamishiro's cell storage was transplanted into him, transforming him into a one-eyed ghoul. After joining Antik as a part-time waiter, he learned how to live as a ghoul and eventually became a eye patch (眼 帯,Gantai) known.

After being captured by the phoenix tree, he underwent a drastic personality change and after escaping formed a group with the aim of protecting his most precious people and destroying individuals who endanger his place of belonging. His characteristic claw-bearer appearance earned him the nickname centipede (百足,Mukade).

Two years later, after being defeated by Kisho Arima, he lives under the identity of Haise Sasaki (佐 々 木 琲 世,Sasaki Haise), a second investigator who previously served as a mentor to the CCG's Quinks team. He had initially lost his memories, but he had regained them during the extermination of the Tsukiyama family. Six months after the operation, ghouls now know him by the alias The black grim reaper (黒 の 死神,Kuro no Shinigami).

After defeating Arima and after Eto revealed their joint plan to raise a one-eyed ghoul that could stand as the hope of all ghouls, he calls himself that One-eyed king (隻 眼 の 王,Sekigan no Ō).

Kaneki has since started the organization called Goat.


As a child, Kaneki has the same characteristics as an adult with black hair. As a regular student, he was a skinny young man with almost no athletic background who preferred to read books. In his spare time he wore casual clothes.

At Antik, he wore the standard waiter's uniform, consisting of black trousers and a gray vest over a white shirt and a brown tie. Unable to control his only kakugan in his left eye, he wore a medical eye patch to cover it.

His ghoul mask resembles a leather mask with an eye patch. She wears a lipless mouth with large, clenched teeth, much like a ruled asylum monster. The bolts sticking out of his neck and the fact that he is an artificial one-eyed ghoul brings up a Frankenstein-like theme.

After Yamori's torture, his appearance changed drastically. His hair turned completely white and his nails turned black. He began to prefer monochrome clothing and wore a skin-tight bodysuit with cutouts during fights.

In the years following Haise Sasaki's identity adoption, his hair began to form black strands that grew out from the hairline. He wore the standard business attire of the ghoul investigators, preferring pinstripe pants with a knee-length white trench coat. He also wears round glasses when reading. After the events of the auction, his hair begins to gradually return to its original color, with almost no white left.

After the Tsukiyama family extermination operation, his appearance changed drastically again. His hair returned completely to its original black color and he started wearing his glasses at all times. He wore a black version of Team Arima uniform with a matching black shirt, black pants, and a long black trench coat. In contrast, he wore red gloves to disguise his right hand, which is covered in a reptile-like pattern. In his second fight with Arima, he wore a skin-tight bodysuit underneath his uniform.

In regaining his identity as Ken Kaneki, his hair went white again after his limbs were repeatedly severed from Arima. He's wearing the same medical eye patch again in public, and both of his arms are covered in reptile-like scales. As the one-eyed king and leader of Goat, Kaneki wears a black cloak with a collar over his new, sleeveless combat suit with dark gloves that reach over his elbows.

After a while, after the intense fighting against the CCG, Kaneki begins to cry black tears and look very exhausted. According to Nishiki, this happens to him because Ken is not a real ghoul and is rapidly aging from the insertion of his claw. In order to slow down aging, he should no longer use his claw and no longer allow himself to be injured as much. As another possible form of healing, Nishiki Ken suggests cannibalizing ghouls.

Representation in the manga

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul: right