Why do you need sleep

How many hours of sleep do you need to be really relaxed?

Long time were valid 8 hours of sleep daily as optimal. Today we know that every person is different needs a lot of sleep. In this post you will find out what happens if you sleep too much or too little and how you can get your optimal sleep duration.

You are permanent stressed out, feel you at the tomorrow still not recovered and sleepless? Maybe you just sleep too short or too long. Perhaps you are sleeping too restlessly and therefore not recovered despite getting enough sleep in the morning. A good night's sleep is important.

What is sleep important for?

sleep is important for your physical and spiritualEfficiency. While you sleep, your body is busy Pollutantsthat you have consumed with your food during the day to filter and to be transported away. Your Brain processes plus everything you can think of about the Day experienced has. Sleeping is for your brain how a Restart at your Laptop or smartphone.

You need more sleep after exercising

If you exercise often, is sufficient sleepparticularly important. It doesn't matter whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight. In order for your body to work on these changes, it needs to have enough energy to do so. He gets this on the one hand through the right proteins and on the other hand through enough sleep.

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How many hours of sleep are optimal?

How many hours of sleep are exactly right for you, we cannot say across the board. The comes all on it, how old are you, as your daily routine looks like howhealthy you are and even yours Genes have something to do with it.

Babies and toddlers still need up to 14 hours of sleep. Primary school children and adolescents, on the other hand, only sleep 9 to 11 hours. At Adult will be today between 7 to 9 sleep recommended.

8 hours are still a good guideline, nevertheless every person needs a different amount of sleep. Some get along very well with just 5 hours of sleep a day. Others are 9 hours too short.

Exercising regularly can affect your sleep as well. Perhaps you have already noticed that the Dayswhere you trained extensively got something more sleep need. Your body just needs more time to recover from the workout.

Our tip: Our organic protein contains, among other things, slowly digestible casein protein. As a result, your muscles are supplied with protein for longer and can work on their regeneration throughout the night.

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This is how you can find out how many hours of sleep you need

How many hours of sleep you personally you can find with a simple one test out. Take you 3 days for the test. Go on Eve always to bed,as soon as you tired are. imagine that noneAlarm clock and stand up, if you really slept in and feel relaxed.

Note you on all 3 days, howLong you slept has. Then you add up all the hours and divide the result by 3. Now you have that Average and know what yours natural sleep duration is.

What happens if you don't get enough sleep?

If you regularly sleeps too little, increases the dangerill to becomebecause your immune systemweakened becomes. Your metabolism can get out of whack and yourself shut down. You burn fewer calories and gain weight faster.

Because your brain can never really recover, sinks also yours mentalEfficiency. This means that your memory gets worse, you hear worse, you can move more difficultly and even your eyesight can deteriorate. Many people are in a bad mood when they don't get enough sleep and are generally more irritable.

What happens if you sleep too much?

Maybe you know the feeling when you've slept much longer than normal. Also too much sleep is unhealthy for our body and can even too diabetes lead or Cardiovascular diseases to lead.

If you want to lose weight, too much sleep can also disrupt this process because your Circulation so slows down becomes that you can no longer really get going.

You are giving your body a very strong one signal, that the Muscles not used becomes. So he doesn't even bother to build it up any further. The opposite can be the case. Less muscle mass also burns less energy and you lose even less weight.

What to do with insomnia

At sleep disorders, there are different ways to get this under control. A regulateddaily routine is definitely advantageousso that your body can tune into a certain rhythm.

Is it difficult to switch off? Relaxation methods be a possible solution for you. Targeted relaxation prepares you on the sleepin front and switches your Thoughts on hibernation. Here you get 16 different relaxation methods that can finally help you switch off faster.

To the relaxation methods

Overall, if you have sleep disorders, it makes sense to make sure that you Disruptive factorsturn off. Eat and drink a few hours before bed. Go to the bathroom again beforehand so that you don't suddenly wake up at night.

Blue light from smartphones, laptops and TV screens also makes sleep worse. The solution: all screens go out about 1 hour before bed. Instead, prefer a light one novel take in hand and on the couchreadto you feel like yours eyes all by itself to fall. Then off to bed with you.


  • For most people, the optimal length of sleep is between 7 and 9 hours.
  • How long we sleep depends on our lifestyle and our genes.
  • Few people get along with very little sleep.
  • Too much sleep can lead to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Not getting enough sleep can make it harder to concentrate and more irritable.
  • Relaxation techniques will help you too.
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