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Why our customers work with us

Deloitte network

The considerable Deloitte network offers unique contacts in the financial and business world as well as in the public sector. That speeds up the search. Deloitte stands for the highest level of professionalism and seriousness and enables access to top candidates.



With experienced and certified consultants, we have been supporting companies in filling management and key positions for over 25 years. We guarantee the most modern mix of methods - from social media to proven diagnostic test procedures and assessment methods.



Quality in the selection

Personnel decisions need a solid foundation. Valid methods and structured processes reduce the risk of wrong decisions and ensure objectivity. We guarantee structured pre-selection procedures and work with state-of-the-art methods in the assessment of competencies. We work based on evidence and data on the basis of the latest scientific findings. Deloitte stands for the highest quality standards.


Equality and diversity

Deloitte advises on the topics of diversity and equality and has a high level of sensitivity and valid know-how in these areas. The methods used by Deloitte are objective and reduce the effect of gender bias.



Transparency and objectivity

Traceability and objective assessment in the pre-selection enable the decision-making basis to be communicated transparently. All of the processes we support meet the requirements for transparency and traceability. Deloitte stands for clarity and integrity.


Digital competence

The current situation requires more digital skills from everyone. For search and selection processes, this means the ability to design the entire process “virtually”. Structured processes, valid methods and experience in using the appropriate tools are the basis for this. We have the relevant skills and experience - from interviews via online tools to hearing via video conference. We support all participants with our experience.