Is silver a common metal?

Crossword puzzle question: silver-white metal

The crossword question "silver-white metal“Is assigned to 9 different solutions with 4 to 7 letters in this lexicon.

category difficulty solution length 
biologymediumNIOBIUM4 Correct entry
biologylightCHROME5 Correct entry
enterenterTITANIUM5 Correct entry
enterenterPLATINUM6 Correct entry
enterenterBISMUTH6 Correct entry
biologymediumGALLIUM7 Correct entry
Natural sciencesdifficultCADMIUM7 Correct entry
literaturedifficultLANTHAN7 Correct entry

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Appropriate questions on the subject of "silver-white metal":

  • silver-white, hard light metal (symbol: Ti)
  • metal
  • radioactive metal
  • brittle tin-colored metal
  • rare metal
  • white, ductile metal
  • Rare earth metal
  • chemical element, metal
  • silver-white, soft metal
  • silver-white, shiny metal
  • soft, silver-white metal
  • silver-white, very brittle metal
  • silver-white, easily deformable metal
  • shiny metal
  • hard metal
  • tin-colored metal
  • shiny silver metal
  • shiny silver metal
  • shiny silver-white metal
  • shiny silver metal
  • chemical element, hard metal
  • light metal
  • Metal, chemical element
  • Metal for e.g. bicycle frames
  • Metal for high quality bicycle frames
  • steel-hard metal
  • chemical term
  • chemical raw material
  • chemical element
  • chemical symbol for bismuth