What are free alternatives to Elasticsearch Shield

Our story

In the beginning, every technician at Elastic created and published software for himself: no matter which version was delivered and when - the main thing was that it was fantastic. Kibana had beta releases, Logstash milestones, Elasticsearch numbers. Plugins were generated at will. It was chaotic, but worked ... until nothing worked.

As the users started using the product more intensively, we had to generate a product that did more for the users. We added more capabilities, submitted more pull requests, created new plugins and extensions. The product got bigger and bigger, everything got more complex, and things got problematic for our technology stack.

For example, if you had been running Elasticsearch version 1.7 and version 2.3 of a plug-in, there would have been no automatism to determine whether the two versions are compatible or whether the plug-in was secretly not working. That was clearly a mistake.

And our own statements were also quite confused: “If you want to use Shield, you need Elasticsearch 1.4.2 ... unless you use Watcher. In this case you need Elasticsearch 1.5.2. And if you are using Elasticsearch 1.5.2, this is only compatible with Kibana 4.0.x, Logstash 1.4.x, Shield 1.2.x and Watcher 1.0.x. "

We were faced with our own personal versioning hell and the support matrix didn't look much better either. It was time for a change.